Apex Legends teams would greatly benefit from simple Crypto buff

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Communication in Apex Legends is paramount to a team’s success, making a simple buff to Crypto’s drone a much-needed addition.

A proposed buff to the drone would make it possible for Crypto to ping the number of teams in the area once he gets the information from the champion banners spread across World’s Edge.

Crypto mains have a knack of always keeping the drone’s eye near the banners, but sometimes the information doesn’t find its way to the rest of the team.

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Respawn Entertainment
A buff to Crypto’s drone would make it easier to communicate about enemies nearby.

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The flying drone has a ton of utility for a trio, but it doesn’t always come across if the Crypto player doesn’t have access to their mic or if you enter a matchmade team with unresponsive members.

“For those who say ‘use a mic,’” user ‘FuLL_of_LiFE’ said. “Understand that there are certains reasons that make people not be able to use a mic and need the ping system. What’s the sense of having this knowledge if only 1/3 of the team knows how many squads are nearby?”

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But even with players who light up the Discord, the extensive and prominent ping system in Apex can sometimes be the predominant mode of giving quick info without clogging up the comms.

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It’s because of reasons like those that Reddit user ‘Lord_Despairagus’ thought that a good addition to Apex would be a new ping telegraphing the information scanned by a nearby champion banner.

Because of the drone’s ability to hover in place while not in use, Crypto can leave the drop permanently on a banner to check with it every once in a while.

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Properly scouting with Crypto’s drone can give an Apex Legends team a ton of information.

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With the suggested buff, that strat would give a looting squad the best ping to keep them safe while they spread out to scavenge an area.

Even though Crypto needs more of a buff than this to make him more competitive, this would be a great place to start to make him more useful in the Apex Games.

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