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Apex Legends Supply Bin bug makes quick looting nearly impossible

Published: 11/Feb/2020 23:59

by Alan Bernal


Apex Legends players are reporting a bug that makes looting out of Supply Bins almost impossible since the game isn’t registering the correct loot.

People are noticing the occurrence happening a lot more after the Season 4 Assimilation update. The bug appears to highlight a different item than what the players’ cursors are hovering over.

Dropping onto the World’s Edge map can be a hectic phase of a match since players are rummaging every nook and cranny for the best loot to equip themselves with for the firefights that could break out at a moment’s notice.

Respawn Entertainment
Apex Legends players are picking up the wrong items from Supply Bins because of a bug.

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A good look at the bug was given by Reddit user ‘____Maximus____’ that shows how the glitch can look in the game.

The image clearly shows their cursor hovering over the R99 but the prompt that lets them switch out weapons is highlighting the Alternator just a couple of positions to the right of where they are looking.

What’s more, there’s even a bundle of SMG rounds nestled between the two weapons, but the bug skips both the R99 and ammo for the gun on the opposite side.

____Maximus____ via Reddit
The player is hovered over the R99, but the game selects the Alternator to the right.

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More players were giving their accounts of the bug, with some saying that the glitch can really throw off their chances of winning out in a fight.


“YES, constantly,” user ‘rreapr’ said. “It’s almost impossible to pick up ammo sometimes, because it forces me to swap out my gun for the one next to the ammo instead… Super annoying, especially when I’m trying to snatch up ammo in the middle of an early-game fight because I’m half a mag away from starting to throw punches.”

Since the release of Apex Legends, players have been perfecting their mechanics in the game. One of those techniques is quick recognition of the items in rooms and loot bins with precise movements to swiftly get what they need.


master23jordan via Reddit
Getting the right loot from a Supply Bin is crucial to staying alive in the early part of an Apex Legends match.

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The bug puts a wrench in that scheme seeing as they’d have to double back because the game made them pick up the wrong weapon or item.

This kind of glitch is one of those small things that can have a big impact on a match, which could make it a high priority for the Apex Legends devs to fix.