Apex Legends

Apex Legends match turns into chaos after map doesn't load for anyone

by Eli Becht


Apex Legends Season 4 has introduced plenty of new content to the game, but with this update came some major bugs, such as one that didn't load the ground for the entire lobby.

As players drop in for a chance to play with Revenant, they are doing so with the expectation that the map will load, and they'll actually be able to experience the character properly.

However, these hopes flew out the window during one round as the ground completely failed to load, with all 60 players falling to the bottom of the map. From there, it became a battle of attrition as players didn't have weapons to speak of, but wanted to survive as long as possible so they could come away with a win.

Respawn Entertainment
Apex Legends Season 4 is out now.


Reddit user "Rockslider00" captured this moment playing out as the game became a glitched mess. Viewers got to see the entire squad drop to the bottom of the map, where they can spot a variety of colors as everyone in the abyss scrambled to stay alive.

Players did end up meleeing each other, which seems like it was a difficult feat to accomplish, considering player models could cover the entire screen thanks to the all the bugs.


Players pointed out the map was Kings' Canyon, which could have been the source of the issues, since the map isn't actually in the game anymore.

This may have caused the game to bug out and fail to spawn anything in - but it's really anyone's guess as to what actually happened.

Kings Canyon landscape in Apex Legends
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Kings Canyon will never be fully gone.


At the very least, a hilarious moment came out of the video, and someone managed to pick up an easy win. Unfortunately, it wasn't Rockslider, as the Redditor explained they died from the storm because they were slingshotted to the edge of the map.

For the time being, it's not looking like this glitch is widespread, so it's not something that should be worried about too much as players continue to grind through Season 4.