Apex Legends Sept 6 update patch notes: Fixes for Seer, Revenant & Vantage

David Purcell
seer revenant and vantage in apex legends

Respawn Entertainment has rolled out a new Apex Legends update on September 6 and here are the full patch notes, including fixes for Seer, Revenant, and Vantage.

Numerous bugs are still being unearthed in Season 13, many of which have been flagged by the community for the dev team to address in future updates.

These have included game-crashing glitches, when Seer and Mirage combine, as well as negative challenge values appearing in the match summary for players.

A total of four changes were rolled out as part of the September 6 update to Apex Legends, as confirmed by the game’s developers on Twitter.

They said: “Don’t mind us, just some quick Apex fixes that went live.”

So – what’s changed this time?

Apex Legends September 6 update: full patch notes

The full patch notes can be found below, including fixes for the following things in-game:

  • Game crashing after Seer’s heartbeat detects Mirage decoy
  • Death Totem not working on Dropoff in Arenas
  • Vantage voice lines stacking up in certain gameplay instances
  • Negative challenge values in match summary

That should put many minds at ease, especially those affected by the bugs stated in the notes above.

If you have spotted an issue that has not yet been tackled by a hotfix, be sure to let us know on Twitter @alphaINTEL.

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