Funny Apex Legends glitch makes Crypto’s finisher break and it’s not PG

. 5 months ago
crypto apex legends season 12
Respawn Entertainment

A really strange Apex Legends Season 12 bug has given Crypto a new, unexpected finisher and Respawn Entertainment might want to look into patching it out of the game. 

The latest major update of the popular battle royale title made a number of intentional changes, of that there is no doubt. Mad Maggie burst onto the scene, weapons were added to Replicators for the first time ever, and a number of Legends were buffed or nerfed.

With that being said, as is the case with every big patch, some minor glitches can slip through the cracks.

And this one affecting Crypto’s finisher might be the funniest you will see all season.

Crypto Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
Crypto mains have been waiting for a buff for ages, but not like this…

Crypto gets ‘new finisher’ with Apex Legends S12 bug

A number of characters have alternative finishers in Respawn’s game, which can be purchased using Crafting Metals. For Crypto, there are two available: Drone Scan and Asset Procurement. 

Well, in a hilarious clip posted to Reddit on February 13, Crypto certainly wasn’t performing a scan of the kind we’re familiar with…

As seen in the post from Coxymus, which has racked up over 20,000 upvotes at the time of writing, Crypto approaches an enemy Caustic in a gunfight and knocks him with an EVA-8 shotgun.

Positioned on a container, Caustic is waiting to be fully eliminated – and that’s when the weirdest of finishers kicks into gear.

Instead of the usual animation appearing, the hacker can be seen crouched over, bouncing all over the helpless player.

Using the Legend’s own voice lines, people started to joke about the bug: “While is arms are flailing you can almost hear crypto saying ‘you better hope I find you before they do!'” Another joked: “You think you’re safe? Think again.”

Strange, but somehow hilarious.

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