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Apex Legends pros set insane world record for kills in a match

Published: 14/Dec/2019 16:46

by Andy Williams


A trio of Apex Legends pro players have set a new world record of 72 kills in the Winter Express LTM from Mirage’s Holo-Day Bash event, which went live on December 12.

The Holo-Day Bash event brings festive joy to World’s Edge, hosted by everyone’s favorite Holographic Trickster, Mirage. After going live during The Game Awards ceremony on December 12, Mirage’s Christmas–themed event brought with it a host of cosmetics and a brand new limited-time event, called Winter Express.

It is the latter which has been of keen interest to players around the world, with the game mode giving World’s Edge’s freight train an aptly timed festive overhaul.


EA.Here’s how the Winter Express LTM works.

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Working in a ‘King of the Hill’ fashion, three teams spawn with predetermined loadouts and fight for control over areas of the merry metro. Players respawn after being eliminated, which means you’ll have to outwit and slay your opponents in order to capture your objective.

Although the game mode appears straightforward on the surface, capturing the objective is no easy feat. However, merely two days after the LTM went live, a squad have managed to set a kill world record.

Landing a neat total of 72 kills, the team netted themselves an enormous total squad damage of 14,211 — which equates to just under 200 damage per kill!


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Since the game mode continuously throws players back into the server, this squad managed to exploit this system to bag as many kills as possible. 

It’s worth noting that this record doesn’t knock off the regular mode record of 46, given that this LTM obviously provides much more opportunity for kills. You can see all the Apex Legends world records for regular modes here.

Perhaps most impressively, the trio did not require a single respawn between them throughout the duration of the game. 

However, their endeavors were made in vain, since Anbu and co. finished in third position… Which almost takes from the scale of their accomplishment.


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Since the LTM will see us through the holiday season, players from around the world will be trying their hand at defeating this record. 

Reckon you’ve got what it takes? If you manage to beat the record, let’s hope you can bag that all-important victory along the way!