Apex Legends pros & streamers call on Respawn to fix cheating problem

Respawn Entertainment

A handful of popular Apex Legends streamers and pro players have complained that there are still too many cheaters getting away with hacking, despite Respawn’s best efforts.

Since its release in February 2019, Apex Legends has cemented its place as one of the most popular battle royale games available.

Despite its wild success, it has not come without its issues, with cheating having been a constant thorn in the developer’s side. Now many of the game’s hardcore players have called on the developers to do more to tackle the problem.

Respawn Entertainment
Apex Legends personalities are tired of encountering hackers in-game.

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Cheating is a rampant problem in many online games as some players will look for any way possible to reach the top of the ranks in a certain title.

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Although developers introduce countermeasures to reduce its impact on regular players, there are still certain cheaters that slip through the cracks, and some big names in Apex Legends think it has gone too far.

NRG’s LuluLuvely was among the first to speak out about the problem, asking if cheaters were still being punished at all on Apex Legends.

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Her post was met with many fans and even pro players agreeing that cheating still seemed to be a major issue in the popular battle royale, particularly in ranked play.

Liquid Mendo and C9 PVPX were among two of the pros that were not happy with the current anti-cheat system, revealing that manual reports are the main solution to banning hackers.

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“I always feel so bothersome, there needs to be a better way,” PYPX expressed, calling for Respawn to implement some changes to solve the ongoing problem.

Respawn developer Josh Medina also responded to LuluLuvely, banning the specific cheater she was referring to.

Apex Legends content creator and data miner iLootGames came to Respawn’s defense too, explaining that they’re not solely responsible for the anti-cheat system in the game.

Easy Anti-Cheat, the system used in Apex Legends, is a popular anti-cheat service, but also one that hackers have experience trying to bypass.

Even if Respawn were to make improvements to their countermeasures, eradicating hackers from a game completely has proved to be a challenge for even the most established multiplayer titles such as CS:GO.

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