Apex Legends players want Respawn to copy Overwatch to fix “awful” stats

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Apex Legends fans are calling for Respawn to copy a feature from Overwatch that allows players to dive deep into their in-game stats with every Legend.

It’s been almost four years since the release of Apex Legends, and it today, it’s one of the biggest games in the battle royale genre.

While the game is certainly thriving, thanks to the consistent updates keeping it refreshing for players, some can’t help but feel that certain features have been overlooked.

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As a result, the Apex Legends community is always suggesting new ideas for the developers to implement. Now, players are calling for Respawn to take a page out of Overwatch’s book when it comes to in-game stats.

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In a September 9 Reddit thread, Apex Legends fan ‘cyalaternerd_’ suggested that the developers should copy a popular feature from Overwatch that allows players to see more of their in-depth stats with each Legend.

“Anyone else wish Apex broke down stats on individual legends like OW does,” the fan asked, alongside sharing an image showing stats such as playtime and games played on every Hero.

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Others were seemingly on board with the idea, with some players taking the opportunity to hit out at the developers. “Apex’s stat window is awful,” one fan wrote. “It was a real disappointment when the devs announced that we would have a stat screen and this is what we got. I would think that having legend-specific stats is a no-brainer.”

Another pointed out that it’s especially disappointing when considering that Titanfall had a ton of stats for players. “Especially coming from Titanfall which had an extremely thorough stats system. They broke everything down by individual guns and Titans and all that,” the player said.

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“I’d love to have stats for each map, legend, and weapon in Apex. Although I assume at this point it’s too late.”

It’s worth noting that there are websites that provide these stats to players from the game’s API. However, it’s still disappointing that the developers are yet to implement it in-game. Hopefully, they’ll consider it in the future.

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