Apex Legends exploit lets Revenant & Wraith steal vault loot without a key

Wraith outside an apex legends vaultRespawn/EA

Apex Legends players have been using Wraith and Revenant in tandem to get into vaults without a key, leading to some frustrations. 

Back in Season 3, Respawn Entertainment finally added a second map to Apex Legends in the form of World’s Edge. The map has seen a few changes since but one constant has remained, the three vaults. 

These vaults are dotted around the map and if you get a key to get inside, you can get your hands on some pretty nice loot that should help you pick up a win. 

However, players have found ways to get in without a key using different combinations of legends. That now includes Wraith and Revenant who can get in, and back out, without a key. 

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Respawn Entertainment
Vaults can be full of goodies that will help you win a game.

The trick was highlighted by Reddit user Water_Towers showing that Revenant can put a Death Totem behind the loot bin at the Train Yard vault and then have Wraith teleport inside using her portal. 

All the Wraith has to do is activate death protection from the totem, start to phase through a portal and then damage herself. The damage will cause the portal to take charge and go through to the other side of the vault door. 

Wraith’s teammates can then just simply jump through the portal themselves and head into the vault to pick up some loot. 

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While it’s not as widespread as the old Pathfinder and Revenant trick, players have noted that they’ve seen it happen. 

“That explains a lot why there’s no loot behind that door a couple of matches I did before”, said one commenter. “Devs should really just make that loot untouchable unless the door is unlocked. Seems like it can be broken into a lot,” added another. 

It remains to be seen if Respawn do something about it or if players start to pick up the trick more and more.