Apex Legends players uncover Caustic “buff” for aim assist

Caustic surronded by gas in Apex LegendsRespawn/EA

If you’re using a controller in Apex Legends, you might want to pick up Caustic as a regular go-to character seeing as he actually helps aim assist in some cases. 

Just like plenty of other multiplayer titles over the last few years, the debate around aim assist has raged on and on in Apex Legends.

Many PC players don’t want to play in lobbies where controllers are used – be it on a console or another PC – given that they believe aim assist is akin to a soft aimbot. On the flip side, some console players want to see it buffed to combat the skills of some keyboard and mouse players. 

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It’s a debate that will never end, even though steps have been taken to try and even the playing field. Though, it seems as if using Caustic can actually give you a leg up on the aim assist side of things. 

Caustic “buffs” controller players in Apex Legends

It was something highlighted by Apex Legends YouTuber Skeptation, who noted that Caustic’s Gas doesn’t operate in the same as Bangalore’s smoke does in regards to aim assist. 

When Bang’s smoke is popped, aim assist is disabled briefly, and doesn’t even work if you have a digital threat scope. Though, when Caustic uses his gas grenade, you still get the added boost of aim assist – even if the target you’re after is completely covered by the toxic gas. 

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“This means using Caustic gas basically buffs controller,” the YouTuber said in their brief video, showing the difference between the two abilities. 

Some Caustic mains noted that they’ve known this for quite some time, and that it’s the reason they still use the Toxic Trapper despite his middling pick rate. “Add the fact that the Gas will slow enemies down and you can see why Caustic is much preferred by controller players, especially in competitive,” said one. 

Other players suggested that it’s not particularly a buff, and that the comparison to Bangalore is a bit off given that her smoke is much thicker than the gas. 

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Of course, it might be something for Respawn to look into but it’s hardly like Caustic needs any further nerfs.