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Apex Legends players suggest Hop-Up rework to “clear the loot pool”

Published: 15/Sep/2020 1:41

by Alan Bernal


The Apex Legends community are floating an idea to rework Hop-Ups, consolidating the amount of items needed to encompass the weapon attachments. People are supporting the change, since it could vastly reduce the loot pool in the battle royale.

Other than Rampart’s Graffiti Mod that ushered her arrival in Season 6, there are five Hop-Ups in Apex that either buffs or modifies the gun it’s attached to. While the items can be game-changing, their prevalence on the map can be troublesome at times.

Looting can become tedious after going through multiple rooms just to find different iterations of a Hop-Up you don’t need.


It’s for this reason that Redditor ‘O0804’ decided to reconfigure the attachments into just a couple of options that would pick up the work for the rest.

havoc apex legends
Respawn Entertainment
The Havoc uses two Hop-Ups in the Turbocharger and Selectfire Reciever.

“An idea I had for reducing hop-ups to clear the loot pool a little bit,” they said. Although there were people quick to point out inherent problems, it’s a concept that could be restructured to help out Apex’s loot.

Splitting the items would create two Hop-Up modules. The concept proposed having the Hammerpoint and Skull Piercer, possibly with the Disruptor Rounds, in one item; while the other Hop-Up would substitutes Selectfire, Double Tap Trigger, Turbocharger, and Ancil Receiver.


The idea was quickly signal boosted to the tune of nearly 14k upvotes at the time of writing, and had a lot of public support for the Respawn developers to explore.

“I really like this concept, as it would eliminate finding useless Hammerpoints when loot searching allows me to focus more on killing,” another person wrote. “Switching from the gun you have to the gun you want would be slicker as well as it would eliminate backpack hoarding.”

O0804 via Reddit
The idea would combine the Hop-Ups into just two items.

Of course, others were quick to add their suggestion to avoid complications with the Havoc, for example, that can either have the Select Fire or Turbocharger.


In either case, the benefits of the change piqued players’ interest since it could lead to faster looting, better chances of finding a useful item, and the like.

It’ll be interesting to see if Respawn actually pursues this kind of change to the Hop-Ups that would be popular among many people in the community.