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Apex Legends players beg for Mad Maggie fix after calling her tactical a “nightmare”

Published: 9/May/2022 1:47

by Alec Mullins


Mad Maggie has been in Apex Legends for nearly a full season now and she hasn’t exactly been a star in the meta. A few disgruntled players have shined a spotlight on her tactical as the prime reason. 

Since hitting the battlefield at the start of Season 12, Mad Maggie’s pick rate has fluctuated quite a lot.  She showed early promise on release, but in the days since, she has fallen down to being picked in only 2.5% of all games.

While some ideas for buffs have been floated around all season, there hasn’t been a consensus as to what needs to change.


Things might be different now though, as one player has solid proof that her tactical is at the root of what is wrong with the Rebel Warlord overall.

Apex players call for Mad Maggie fixes

Apex Legends Mad Maggie
Respawn Entertainment
Mad Maggie should have been a dangerous addition to the Apex Games but she seems to have fallen short in the eyes of many.

As shown in the video embedded below, Maggie’s tactical is supposed to deal 160 damage to any target standing within range over its duration.

While that number holds true on the first usage, consecutive castings of the ability show a significant drop in effectiveness, bringing the total damage down to 128.

This may not seem like a big deal at first, but for a Legend who is already struggling to keep up with the competition, a bug like this can be a significant roadblock.



One user pointed out that her tactical retains value by causing players to move, but that’s just not enough to make it worth using.

“I’ve always seen her drill as a way to get someone out of hiding or influence their movement options rather than to do significant damage, but still the damage should ideally be consistent.”

Another player noted that the drill has a problem getting through some walls, which further nerfs its effectiveness: “If there are several layers in the wall you’re shooting at, it doesn’t always penetrate all the way through, and gets stuck somewhere in the middle.”


There’s no telling if Respawn will give Maggie a second pass in Season 13 but it’s safe to say she won’t be seeing too much action otherwise.