Apex Legends players have begun encountering dragons in King’s Canyon

Several Apex Legends players have reported seeing dragons, officially called Flyers in-game, flying around King’s Canyon, possibly indicating they will play a big role in the upcoming second season.

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Through datamines and timely reveals from Respawn themselves, players have at least had an indication flyers would be coming to Apex Legends eventually. 

It now looks like that day has arrived as many players have reported seeing dragons flying around in the world. Season 2 is just right around the corner so this does make sense.

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Dragons have arrived

Numerous players have uploaded videos to social media showing that flyers do exist in Apex Legends but they are currently just flying around and not doing a whole lot.

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So far there’s no reason to expect the flyers to be hostile and they actually have been flying around carrying loot for players to get. One player even decided to land on one of them and get the loot.

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Respawn likely has something bigger in store for the flyers once Season 2 rolls around but we at least have a better idea with what to expect so far.

If the developers are interested in telling a story with the flyers, this is certainly a good start and it will be interesting to see how this plays out going forward. 

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One thing that is worth pointing out is they aren’t all that big just yet, meaning they’ll have a chance to grow larger as the season progressed.

At the very least, it’ll be exciting to see what Respawn has in store for the flyers going forward.

We don’t really know a ton about the lore of Apex Legends but we know the upcoming Legend Wattson’s father build the Apex Arena and now we can throw flyers into the mix.