Apex Legends players discover game-breaking Bloodhound glitch

Eli Becht

For a battle royale game featuring thousands of players a day, Apex Legends has a surprisingly low number of bugs. That doesn’t mean it’s completely absent of them and this Bloodhound bug is potentially game-breaking.

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Apex Legends is the hot commodity on the battle royale market right now and is the first true competitor Fortnite has had in quite some time.

The game was able to beat Fortnite to many major milestones and is in the midst its inaugural Season 1, which features a Battle Pass full of unlockables for players to grind. 

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While Apex Legends certainly has less noticeable bugs than Fortnite, there are still some major issues plaguing the game.

The latest glitch seems to happen more often on Bloodhound and completely wipes out the HUD where you would normally find shield and health packs. Fans first drew attention to this bug in a Reddit thread where players shared their experiences with the bug.

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This might be a major Bloodhound problem

It sounds like this bug persists across PC, PS4 and Xbox One and can affect anyyone across all platforms.

The image above is a recreation of what it looks like in game. The original author wrote that they experienced this bug the most on Bloodhound, something that was backed up by other commenters.  

“I’ve ran into this bug a lot, mostly when I’m playing Bloodhound,” Reddit user koelol said. “Think it’s most prevalent during his ult. Makes it really annoying when I’m trying to quickly heal up and my hud is invisible so I can’t even tell what I have.”

The bug doesn’t seem widespread enough to force Respawn to release a hotfix immediately but the problem is visible enough where something should be done about it in future patches.

Apex Legends isn’t quite on the level of Fortnite where it receives updates weekly, but it is possible we can get there if the game continues to remain as popular as it is.