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Apex Legends

Apex Legends players devise simple ways to improve Firing Range dummies

Published: 6/Jun/2020 1:31

by Theo Salaun


Apex Legends added a Firing Range to the game in November, 2019 and the game’s playerbase is still coming up with inventive ways to make it an even better practice environment.

The point of a Firing Range is simple: You want players to have an opportunity to warm up and practice elements of the game (like different guns, characters or mobility techs) without needing to worry about the circle or enemies gunning them down.

Adding this training mode was therefore a highly acclaimed update, but the title’s fans have come up with a few new ways to improve it – namely giving hitbox and damage rate options for the game’s dummies.



Respawn Entertainment
Training dummies are a great way to work on aim against realistic targets.

While players can easily practice different guns, attachments and equipment, they are limited to the training dummies’ default hitboxes and damage rates. For a game like Apex Legends, where different Legends have vastly different attributes, this runs counterintuitive to how players should be able to practice.

Overwatch, similarly dependent on differing abilities and roles, has Custom Game options, where players can create fully simulated environments to practice against A.I.-controlled heroes of differing difficulties. Although Respawn Entertainment may not have the time or capacity to implement something like that just yet, adding customization to the practice dummies would go a long way.



Minor Suggestion: Give the test dummies in the Firing Range Low Profile and Fortified so that different weapons and their damages can be tried out on all three hitbox types. from apexlegends


As suggested by ‘ActuallyAcey’ on Reddit, giving the dummies characteristics like “Low Profile” and “Fortified” would enable players to more efficiently train for heroes they typically struggle with. While this is a great first step, other fans jumped on to make other suggestions: Different equipment for dummies (e.g. helmets) and movement options (e.g. crouch-spamming or strafing).

This issue similarly arose in Overwatch’s Practice Range, where fans were dissatisfied with the simple training bots available to them and eventually pushed for the option to spawn any character in the game to practice with.

Even Overwatch’s initial training bots displayed movement and some shooting, however minimal, and that’s what Apex Legends fans are now clamoring for.


Blizzard Entertainment
Overwatch’s ability to choose a “Training Partner” is perfect for heroes like Echo that are so dependent on interactions with enemy heroes.

Dummies are great for simply practicing your comfort on different guns’ recoil, firing rate and damage, but an ideal training experience would permit players to train for specific Legends that may be ruining their games.

In the past, characters like Pathfinder have driven players mad due to insane evasiveness while Gibraltar has felt like a complete bullet sponge. If developers can’t include A.I.-controller Legends to practice with in the Training Range, fans’ ideas to customize dummies would be a fantastic start.