Apex Legends players demand major changes to compete with Warzone


With Call of Duty: Warzone being the new battle royale craze, one Apex Legends player has vented their frustrations and sent out a call to arms for Respawn to do something about it.

Infinity Ward has done a lot more than just dipped their toes into the battle royale realm with Warzone — they have arguably made the biggest splash since Fortnite relaunched with Chapter 2.

It’s no surprise then, that Warzone is hailed as the fastest-growing non-mobile game of all-time — dethroning its battle royale counterpart, Apex Legends.

Player dropping into Call of Duty: Warzone.Activision
Over 15 million players dropped into Verdansk in the first three days post-launch.

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Within a week, Infinity Ward have already made a host of changes to improve player experience, while also adding a dedicated solos mode during their March 17 update.

This was the last straw for one Apex Legends player, who expressed their frustrations to the Apex Legends subreddit.

In their post, ‘Khronikos’ highlighted their concerns with Apex Legends’ current meta, while refraining from the ongoing debate of skill-based matchmaking and numerous server issues.

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The Reddit user stated: “World’s Edge still needs a lot of tweaks to prevent funneling and height advantages across the map, and while [Kings Canyon] is great and all, it’s not enough to keep people interested with the other issues we are not covering.”

Khronikos further went on to detail their issue with Legend balancing, or the lack thereof. “Newer players love to play a variety of Legends with the problem being a lot of Legends are just terrible or mediocre.”

After highlighting the game’s inherent issues, the Redditor drew parallels to Warzone, where Infinity Ward have added a permanent solos mode merely one week post-launch.

Ghost in Call of Duty: Warzone.Activision
Players will be dropping into Verdansk as a one-man army, in bid to earn extraction.

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Not only did they bring their complaints into the public spotlight, the Redditor was quick to make some suggestions on how to improve player experience too.

“I don’t think anybody can really understand why [Revenant] was released as is, or why Mirage is nearly useless. It’s been a year. People have made great suggestions. Let’s try some of them out!”

A fellow Apex Legends player responded in the comments, reiterating Khronikos’ concerns: “Warzone has a lot going for it, and it’s a beta state game. That is not a good sign when a beta has solos out after a week and Apex cannot manage this after a year despite having everything in place for it.”

While another user was quick to point out Warzone’s inherent issues in their response, highlighting audio issues, visual rendering problems, netcode inconsistencies and a flawed loot system as some of the hurdles Infinity Ward have to overcome Apex Legends, which according to the player is “more refined in its mechanicals and gameplay.”

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Respawn’s hit game boasts one of the best movement systems in the FPS genre, so the foundations for improvement are there, as Khronikos initially pointed out.

Their post received over 1.5k upvotes in less than 24 hours, suggesting that Khronikos was simply echoing the thoughts of the community.