Apex Legends players come across mysterious ‘ghosts’ in Kings Canyon

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Mysterious projections on the Apex Legends map have some players believing that the popular battle royale title may be haunted by ghosts.

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On July 29, a Reddit user named ‘MattDawg44‘ posted a video showing a phenomenon that some are calling evidence of their being ghosts in Apex Legends.

In the clip, the player saw a shadowy figure running behind a large boulder, with the Ring rapidly closing in around the part of the map they were standing on.

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The player instinctively began to shoot at the other side of the boulder, expecting the apparent enemy to run out from that direction, but no one came out. Further inspection of the area behind the rock revealed that there was nobody hiding. 

What makes this whole scenario that much more weird and confusing was that there was no death-box behind the boulder either, and the in-game kill-feed did not indicate that anyone was eliminated by the Ring around the time that the figure was seen going into hiding. 

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If this were the only instance where an unexplained figure was seen on the map, conclusions could be confidently drawn that it was some sort of glitch or bug.

However, this isn’t the first time that players have claimed to have seen ghosts in King’s Canyon, with videos existing on Reddit that go as far back as March. 

The clip below, although very short, displays a barely-visible humanoid shape dashing around the player and his teammate. 

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Another video, also published just a day ago, shows something similar happen when the player engaged an enemy Bangalore, who tried to hide behind a tree for cover.

However, after waiting for a few seconds for the opponent to expose himself, the player finally pushed to check behind the tree and noticed that there was no longer anyone there.

Another video, posted about three months ago, features the player running out in the open until what appears to be an enemy Legend is seen gliding out of the corner of the vantage point.

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However, when the player turned around, there was nobody there, leading the Twitch clip to be titled “I have just witnessed the ghost of Apex Legends.”

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Possible explanations for this phenomenon

There are several explanations for what could be causing this mysterious projections to appear in Apex Legends.

One possible explanation is that these players left the game or disconnected, causing their bodies to vanish from the map. 

While this is plausible, it does not account for the fact that there were not death-chests left behind, and players who leave are still generally seen in the game for a few moments before they completely vanish.

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Of course, this could all be the result of a glitch or a bug, which seems like the likeliest theory, since Apex Legends isn’t exactly clean of issues that can cause game-breaking stuff like this to happen.

At the end of the day, whether these projections are indeed ghosts are just the results of a bug, at least now you have some sort of idea if you ever come across one in-game. 

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