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Apex Legends players break the game by adding emojis to usernames

Published: 17/Dec/2021 12:42

by Lauren Bergin


Apex Legends players have somehow managed to add emojis to their names, and it’s literally crashing the game. Here’s how to activate Streamer Mode to keep your RP safe.

If there’s one thing that gamers across every virtual universe take pride in, it’s their in-game name. Apex Legends, of course, is no exception.

We’ve seen one Overwatch pro change their in-game name to one that conjures up images of self-professed Supermodel of the World, RuPaul Charles, but Apex Legends players have gone one step further and have added emojis to their online aliases.

The problem is, however, that these sneaky name changes appear to be breaking the game, forcing players to turn on ‘Streamer Mode’ to keep their game from crashing.


apex legends wraith punches the camera
Respawn Entertainment
Is Wraith isn’t breaking the game, then this emoji fiasco surely will.

Apex players add emojis to in-game names

In most games, emojis are classified as “illegal characters” alongside accented letters, symbols and punctuation, therefore meaning they can’t be used your username. However, it turns out that some players have managed to trick the system to add them to their alias.

YouTuber Gaming Merchant writes that “the new emoji/icon in name thing is crashing games, losing people RP and blocking your screen.” Urging people to try out “Streamer Mode,” which blocks out the name of other players and replaces them with generic pre-generated ones, they warn people to “protect” themselves.

How to turn on Streamer Mode in Apex Legends

If you’ve fallen victim to this and are sick of losing RP or getting kicked out of the game, activating Streamer Mode is relatively easy:


  1. Open the game’s “Settings” menu
  2. Select the “Gameplay” tab
  3. Scroll down to “Streamer Mode”
  4. Toggle to “On”

From here on in, you’ll only see names such as “Seer1234” in-game, negating the problem and keeping your RP intact while warding off any unwanted AFK penalties.

Hopefully Respawn act to fix this problem, as perpetually having to regrind for your hard-earned rewards is going to become very tiresome, very quickly.