Apex Legends boosters get served ultimate justice while farming damage badges

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An Apex Legends player discovered a set of teams farming damage badges on Olympus and decided to serve up some justice of their own.

While heirlooms and cosmetics are prized by dedicated Apex Legends players, it’s the damage and kills badges that a lot of the community are constantly on the hunt for.

These collectible trophies can be shown off on a player’s banner to prove that they’ve hit a certain amount of damage or eliminations in a single match.

As the highest badge requires a total of 20 kills, this can take some players years to unlock. Unfortunately, certain members of the community prefer to take a shortcut and cheat by grouping up with their friends.

Well, during one match, an Apex player noticed a group of teams doing exactly that, and they decided to serve up justice and prevent them from unlocking the sought-after collectibles.

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Kill farmers are extremely difficult for Respawn to catch.

Apex player catches boosters farming badges

Unlike hackers, boosters are extremely difficult for Respawn to punish as there’s no third-party software involved, so it usually requires a manual suspension.

While this does happen occasionally, a lot of damage and kill farmers go under the radar. So, when Reddit user XxTherealXBladexX caught a team boosting for badges, they decided to take action.

Using Fuse’s Passive to its limit, XxTherealXBladexX led with their Ultimate and then followed up with a barrage of 19 grenades, dealing massive damage and causing the cheaters to scatter.

With a little help from their team, XxTherealXBladexX cleared out both squads and prevented them from unlocking the badges.

While the justice served up in the clip doesn’t result in a ban for the opponents, it does waste a lot of their time and forces them to retry or give up boosting.

Not only that, it’s great to see players recognizing cheating in their matches and taking action, especially against those who haven’t earnt the collectibles they’re attempting to unlock.