Apex Legends player dominates using only a single Joycon controller

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Pulling off a 1v3 squad wipe is hard enough as it is in Apex Legends, but a player on PC hooked up their Switch controller to their computer and dominated with only a single Joycon.

The wonderful thing about playing games on PC is that gamers can use almost any controller out there to play their games if they’ve got a preference. And there’s no shortage of people out there doing incredible things with some strange controller setups.

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One Apex Legends player on PC decided to use a single Joycon instead of a keyboard and mouse or even a standard game controller. But don’t be fooled by its small form factor and lack of dual thumbsticks.

Thanks to gyroscopic aim configured with some third-party software, this player showed there’s more potential with using Joycon controllers than you’d think.

Apex Legends player shows off their Joycon skills with 1v3 clutch

For people who enjoy playing shooters on the Nintendo Switch, the Joycon’s gyro aim functionality is a lifesafer. Games like Fortnite and Splatoon 3 are excellent examples of games that use the controller’s features to their fullest.

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That said, the experience of playing Apex Legends at 30 FPS on the Switch doesn’t compare to playing on a high refresh rate monitor at a PC. So, this player took their controller of choice in-game and showed how powerful the Joycon can be.

With just a single Joycon in-hand, they managed a squad wipe in an incredibly tense close-range battle.

Though they had a teammate to help at the very start of the fight, reddit user TeratornPH’s allied Bangalore didn’t live long. So, they took matters into their own hands and ran through the entire enemy team with some well-placed Peacekeeper shots.

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The Joycon on screen also shows how the player is moving their controller, giving viewers a look at the gyro aim in action.

What’s more, the original poster doesn’t even play Apex Legends on their Switch. They claimed the gyro aim settings on the Switch are “lackluster” compared to settings that are available on PC.

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