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Apex Legends

Apex Legends player designs ideal new ranked rewards system

Published: 10/May/2020 10:27

by Andy Williams


An Apex Legends player has come up with the perfect way to reward players for grinding through the Ranked Leagues, aside from receiving Weapon Charms and Dive Trails.

Introduced back in Season 2, Apex Legends’ Ranked League system offers a more competitive experience to players looking to take their game to the next level.

The league is made up of seven tiers (from Bronze to Apex Predator), with a certain amount of Ranked Points being required to progress to the next tier.

Apex Legends ranks.
Only the very elite can earn a spot as an Apex Predator.

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While Respawn’s sophisticated Ranked League system offers a more competitive experience, players have previously complained about the lackluster rewards that are given in exchange for their efforts.


As it stands, players receive a Weapon Charm and Dive Trail to reflect the rank they achieved, at the end of each split. But one player has found the perfect way of recognizing the grind at the end of each Ranked Series.

Reddit user ‘narcosys1983’ posted their concept of how rewards should work, where players would be reimbursed via a certain amount of Legend Tokens, Crafting Metals and/or Apex Coins, depending on the tier achieved at the end of the season.

Concept for rewarding Apex Legends Ranked players.
narcosys1983 (Reddit)
A system of this nature would reward players’ grind while tying in Respawn’s extensive cosmetic market.

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As per the Redditor’s concept, the first two tiers would receive Legend Tokens to go towards unlocking a new character, while both Gold and Platinum would walk away with Crafting Metals to put towards a cosmetic of their choosing.


The final three tiers would be rewarded with more Crafting Metals and/or Apex Coins, which players could use to unlock a specific skin or put towards some Apex Packs.

On paper, this is a simple way to reward the endless hours of grind required to earn some the higher Ranked tiers. One player commented suggesting: “I like the idea and it’d make me play Ranked.”

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While other comments pointed towards introducing Heirloom Shards into the reward system, for the latter ranks — giving some of the elite ranks the opportunity to snag an Heirloom without relying on the RNG nature of Apex Packs alone.


With Apex Legends’ ever-expanding cosmetic market, this would be a perfect way to reward players, and would entice more players to try their hand at Ranked.