Apex Legends player celebrates birthday with real-life Heirloom: “40 years to get shards?”

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One Apex Legends player showed off a real-life Mirage heirloom he got for his birthday and the Apex Legends community loved it.

Veteran Apex Legends players know just how valuable Heirlooms are, as they are by far the rarest cosmetic item in the game.

As such, heirlooms are often held in high regard by the community, with players who’ve earned them showing them off as often as they can.

However, one Mirage main was lucky enough to receive an impressive replica Heirloom in real life as a birthday present from their wife.

Apex Legend fan gets real-life Heirloom

Reddit user Townhero420 posted to the Apex Legends subreddit, showing off an amazing replica of Mirage’s trophy Heirloom.

The caption of the post said, “My wife got me an Heirloom for my 40th bday today!” and attached a photo of the glossy trophy.

The Apex community flooded the post with birthday wishes and praise for the cool gift, with many making references to Mirage’s in-game heirloom animations.

“Happy birthday. Does it do the Porkchop animation?” asked user LEGIONxELECTRO, referencing one of Mirage’s rarest animations.

Another user referenced the rarity of Apex’s in-game heirlooms and said, “Damn it took you 40 years to get your shards?”

Thankfully, the original poster already earned their in-game Heirloom with Bloodhound, however, they do have a soft spot in their heart for Mirage. “…Fell in love with Mirage the more he talked. Hilarious fellow.”

Unfortunately, this real-life Mirage Heirloom doesn’t come with all the bells and whistle’s its in-game counterpart does, like voice lines and holographic fireworks.

According to the owner it just “Just sits there shining like a cheap soccer trophy. But I love it and it was 18$. It’s sold by EA though. Probably a lesser version than some.”

Regardless of its cost, it seems as though this Apex Legends fan certainly got a pretty special birthday present they’ll cherish for years to come.