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Apex Legends

Apex Legends: New weapon attachments possibly spotted in Season 3 trailer

Published: 29/Sep/2019 10:42 Updated: 29/Sep/2019 11:02

by Joe Craven


Observant Apex Legends players have spotted what could be two new weapon attachments, following the release of the Season 3: Meltdown trailer. 

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Apex Legends fans are eagerly anticipating the third season of Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale, with a plethora of content being teased by the developers ahead of the season’s October 1 release date. 

Released on September 27, the Meltdown trailer confirmed long-held fan theories about a new map, which will be known as ‘World’s Edge’. We can also expect to see a new legend – the hacker, Crypto – coming with the start of Season 3. 

Respawn EntertainmentCrypto has been hinted at for a long time, but is finally coming to Apex Legends.
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The Season 3 trailer also teased new gameplay skins, but smaller potential additions have now been spotted, in the form of prospective weapon attachments. 


Hop Ups are weapon attachments aimed at specific weapons, such as the Disruptor Rounds for the Alternator and RE-45, or the Hammerpoint Rounds for the P2020 or Mozambique. Based on gameplay from the Meltdown trailer, one Reddit user highlighted the G7 Scout and R-301 as potential weapons for new attachments. 

In the trailer, the R-301 fires in its single-shot mode, causing speculation that a ‘High Caliber’ attachment will be on its way, which will increase damage when fired using the single-shot mechanism. 

While unconfirmed, the Reddit user attaches a reduced-speed clip from the trailer, which appears to back up what they’re saying. 


Guys, I noticed this in the Trailer, These May be the new Hop UPS for Season 3, “High Caliber” For the R-301, which increases the damage bullets make when switching to Single Fire, and “Double Tap” for the G7 Scout, Which fires at a 2 round burst. I know you saw it, I had to look into detail. from r/apexlegends

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Similarly, the semi-auto G7 Scout appears to fire in two-round bursts, a mechanism the Reddit user speculates will be called ‘Double Tap’. 

Both ‘High Caliber’ and ‘Double Tap’ will be familiar names to FPS fans, with both featuring in Call of Duty titles up to this point.

These theories are compounded by reputable leaker ‘That1MiningGuy’, who has found hints at both ‘High Caliber’ and ‘Double Tap’ in data-mined game files.

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Some players shared concerns about the game’s ‘loot pool’, with many arguing it became unbalanced following previous releases of new attachments, such as the aforementioned Disruptor Rounds. 


It’s fair to say we can expect new details to continue to emerge as October 1 grows closer, before players are plunged into all the new content Respawn have been working on.