Hidden Apex Legends map deciphered from popular weapon skin

Respawn Entertainment

The Apex Legends devs have tons in store for their fan base, but a map discovered from a popular line of skins is making a lot of people wonder how the game could expand in the future.

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The hit title initially swept the battle royale scene when it launched on February 4, but was quickly marred by fans for a serious lack of new content that soured the experience for many players.

Respawn Entertainment has started giving their players tons of renewed hope for the game with the highly anticipated launch of Season 2 on the way, but it looks like the devs have a lot more real estate to play with outside of Kings Canyon.

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FrozenFroh via RedditThe Navigator skin that has the images of the map on it.

In a Reddit post, user ‘FrozenFroh’ pieced together the datamined images of the Navigator skin and gave one of the most complete looks for Solace, the homeworld of both Gibraltar and Mirage as well as the Apex Games.

Looking at the map, Kings Canyon is just a sliver of territory compared to the overall image which features muddled images of beasts that are believed to be the Leviathans, Flyers and Prowlers.

Moreover, the marking that seems to be denoting the location of Kings Canyon on the map appears twice in the full image, with the second missing the crown. This could be a subtle way for Respawn to hint at a future location for the Apex Games, but there still isn’t anything to confirm that.

As players know, there are Leviathans prominently featured in a match’s backdrop, and the map reflects that with a symbol for the beast close by. However, there is also an image of Titanfall’s Prowler which looks to be a bit too close to comfort to Kings Canyon.

FrozenFroh via RedditImage showing how the geography on Solace might look like.
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What’s coming in Season 2 of Apex Legends?

While a new map and the presence of Prowlers haven’t been confirmed by the Respawn developers, there are tons of new content that we know are right around the corner.

EA LivestreamThe L-Star is said to be too “OP,” so it will only be available through care packages.

Players already got a good glimpse at upcoming legend Wattson, and while there have been tons of leaks leading up to its reveal, the L-Star weapon will also be making its debut in Season 2.

Hopefully FrozenFroh’s map will turn out to be a precursor for bigger and better things to come for Apex Legends, but time will tell how the devs decide to expand their title with future updates.