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Apex Legends • Mar 19, 2019

When does Apex Legends Season 2 start? Season 1 end date, rumors and more

When does Apex Legends Season 2 start? Season 1 end date, rumors and more

We're now into full swing in Apex Legends' first season, but fans are understandably already looking forward to what's next. So when can we expect Season 2 to start?


The first season of Apex Legends was a bit of a mystery in terms of release date, with players only knowing the day before it started that it was coming.

The PlayStation Store of all places might have potentially leaked the start of Season 2 of Apex Legends, after eagle-eyed players noticed a date in the calendar, showing the scheduled end of Season 1.


When does Apex Legends Season 1 end?

Apex Legends Season 1 appears set to end June 5.

A screenshot shows that the season is set to end on June 4, but we don't know for sure if that means Season 2 will be starting right after.

It seems likely that Season 2 would start shortly after the end of Season 1 however, with a fresh battle pass and new cosmetic items to unlock. With Season 1 ending on June 4, Season 2 shouldn't be far behind it.


This clue from the PlayStation store is our only indication as to when Season 2 might begin though, as data miners couldn't find any clues in the game files.

The files currently don't indicate an end time.

Apex Legends Season 2 battle pass

The Season 1 Battle Pass costs 950 Apex Coins, but if players play their cards right, they will be able to purchase future Battle Passes for free.

Season 1's Battle Pass gives players 1,000 Apex Coins simply by ranking up, therefore it should be enough so to purchase the future passes with the in-game currency, provided it costs the same 950 coins.

Fans were a little underwhelmed with the contents of this Battle Pass so maybe things will be different once June 5 rolls around.  

Respawn released a blog post talking about what went into this Battle Pass and how it will be used as a stepping off point for players going forward.

The first Battle Pass was designed to allow players to get a good assortment of skins to use for a low price and also to earn coins to purchase future Battle Passes.

When does Apex Legends Season 2 begin?


It's hard to tell for certain when Season 2 will kick off. If it follows the same cadence as Fortnite then it would be pretty much immediately after the first season wraps up.

We haven't seen Respawn deal with a battle royale title before though, so we don't have any sort of precedent to follow.

Last updated on April 7.