Apex Legends leak reveals new ‘Gadgets’ weapon type

Crypto in Apex Legends with the Apex Legends logo nearbyRespawn/EA

A fresh Apex Legends leak has revealed that a new weapon type in the form of ‘Gadgets’ is in the works, but what will it actually do? 

With each new season, Apex Legends devs at Respawn have kept their battle royale feeling fresh with new legends, new weapons, and shake-ups to the loot pool.

These changes are usually revealed ahead of time with a reveal trailer or two, but Respawn goes do a little further in-depth with their dev streams. These streams usually have some insight into why a change has been made, but more often than not, some things manage to slip in early.

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In the past, we’ve seen a mysterious POI off the coast of Kings Canyon, as well as two unreleased weapons, and now leakers have been able to get more details on another change that may have been leaked in the Season 6 dev stream.

Rampart behind her amped cover wallRespawn/EA
Rampart joined the Apex mix in Season 6 and her modder persona would fit with gadgets pretty well.

Reliable leaker Shurgtal pointed out that there is code in the Apex Legends files relating to a new weapons type known as Gadgets. 

In their tweet, the leaker attached a screenshot from the recent dev stream where there is a mysterious purple piece of kit as a part of the floor loot and noted that this is likely one of the new gadgets coming to Apex. There was also a new slot on the UI, which isn’t currently in the game.

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“I suspect that this is the mysterious fourth slot on the UI in the dev stream,” Shrugtal tweeted, before adding their own speculation about what gadgets could be added to the mix. “Speculation: Non-combat throwables, like Smoke Grenade?”

Of course, if things like smoke grenades were added to the mix, that would likely mean that Bangalore would be in for a change given that her tactical ability is all about deploying smoke grenades.

What Respawn has up their sleeve for this new weapon type remains to be seen, but with the new collection event around the corner, we might not have that long to wait for an update.

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