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Apex Legends

Apex Legends leak points to powerful upcoming item

Published: 12/Jul/2019 22:45 Updated: 12/Jul/2019 23:09

by Eli Becht


This Apex Legends leak might reveal a future plan for Respawn to debut a mobile respawning item that would allow a revive to happen without being at an actual station.

Apex Legends offered an innovative way to revive fallen teammates by collecting their respawn card from their death box, something that we saw Epic Games later on add into their game.

Respawn hasn’t touched the reviving system since Apex launched in February, but this leak seems to suggest that could be changing soon.

Respawn EntertainmentIt sounds like you might be able to drop back into the action at any spot soon.

A leaked sound file makes it sound like a portable respawning system is on the way judging by two quotes.


“Found a portable respawn beacon here,” and “I’m deploying a portable respawn beacon,” are the voice lines which makes it sound like something is certainly on the horizon.

At the time begin this is just a leak so it’s nothing set in stone. As with all leaks, you should take them with a grain of salt.

If this does end up being a real item then it has a chance to be completely game-changing as you’ll be able to bring a teammate back anywhere you want.

There has been no indication this is coming so it’s not something players should worry about until we get official confirmation from the developers.


Unlike Fortnite, Apex Legends hasn’t received major weekly patches so there’s no precedent for something like this to come into the game in the middle of a season.  

Respawn EntertainmentWattson was the major addition of Season 2.

However, it could be something the team is working for in Season 3 or it could just be a recorded voice line for a feature that was later scrapped.

Either way, the information is still a leak and that’s probably all it should be treated as for now.