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Apex Legends leaks hint at return of Valentine’s Day event in Season 4

Published: 7/Feb/2020 5:16

by Brad Norton


Apex Legends could be getting a Valentine’s Day makeover for the second year in a row, with a prominent leaker unveiling a first look at new voice lines, charms, rewards, and more hidden within the title’s latest update.

While Respawn Entertainment has unveiled a great deal of new content for Apex Legends lately, the developers have been tight-lipped in regards to bringing back a Valentine’s Day-themed event.

Prominent Apex Legends leaker ‘iLootGames’ has uncovered a wealth of content hidden among the latest files however, seemingly indicating that a new event is right around the corner.

Apex Legends' Mirage emote
Respawn Entertainment
Could new Valentine’s Day-themed emotes and skins be on the way as well?

With a strong track record of leaking cosmetic unlocks ahead of various events, iLootGames has once again revealed new content coming to Apex Legends in the near future. This time, it’s with a Valentine’s Day twist.

Providing a litany of new leaks on February 5, it was revealed the new thematically appropriate voice lines have been recorded for a number of Legends. Simply titled ‘quips’ in the game’s files, various charming quotes joke about gifts and heartbreak, while others outright reference Saint Valentine.

“Shot through the heart,” one anonymous character states, while a voice line that can almost certainly be pinned to Wattson jokes that “love is a form of energy.” 

Overall there appears to be more than 50 unique Valentine’s Day-themed quotes coming into effect throughout the potential event, so you can expect to feel the love throughout the world of Apex for its duration.

Additionally, a 2020 Valentine’s Day login reward was spotted among the files, indicating players will receive some form of gift simply for opening the game.

There’s no quite telling what this specific unlock may be, however the leaker also provided first-looks at a few items that will be available throughout the event.

From a unique Valentine’s Day badge to adorable Pathfinder and Nessy charms, the Apex community could be in store for a much more sizeable event in comparison to that of 2019’s festivities

Boasting an Epic ‘Through the Heart’ weapon skin, as well as a Legendary ‘Love of the Game’ banner, 2019’s minor event came just nine days after the release of Apex Legends in the 1.03 Preseason Patch.

Players were also rewarded with a free badge after reviving or respawning a companion in the heat of battle. 

The 2019 version of the event lasted one week in total, and given that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, it’s likely that Respawn will officially confirm the event over the course of the next few days.

Apex Legends Valentine's Day store
Respawn Entertainment
Unique offerings throughout the 2019 Valentine’s Day event in Apex Legends.

Not the first time that this particular community member has accurately leaked upcoming content, they were also responsible for first looks at Christmas-themed items throughout the recent Holo-Day Bash.

There’s no indicating just how large the Valentine’s Day event might be this time around, but with a wide array of voice lines and unlockable content already made public, it certainly appears to be a significant step up from the first iteration.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends dev explains why Octane is getting “tiny buff” in Season 7

Published: 22/Oct/2020 16:33

by Daniel Cleary


Respawn game designer Daniel Klein has revealed why Octane will be receiving a small buff in the seventh season of Apex Legends, addressing some concerns around the fan-favorite character.

There are now 14 unique characters in Apex Legends and with another Legend, who was teased to be Horizon, on the way in Season 7, many players are hoping for their favorite characters to receive buffs in the coming updates.

Plenty of Apex fans have been calling for the Adrenaline Junkie, Octane, to get buffed in recent patches. Despite being one of the most popular characters he does not have a strong win rate in Season 6.

Octane in apex legends
Respawn Entertainment
Octane is one of the few characters to be buffed in Season 7

As it is unclear what could be done to boost the character’s performance, with some Octane fans even asking for full rework, many players have called on Respawn devs to help improve his chances at winning.

Following the release of the latest patch, one Apex player Iraakeane asked Apex devs when Octane would be getting buffed or reworked, and Respawn Game designer Daniel Klein finally responded to fans’ concerns.

The Apex dev revealed that Octane would be getting a “tiny buff” in the next season, although he did not share what exactly will change about the high-flying daredevil in-game.

“Octane’s got a very high pick rate (a lot of people play him) and also a very high encounter win rate (he wins individual engagements a lot),” Klein added, before revealing why the popular character needed a small buff.

“It’s just his trios win rate that’s low,” he shared, suggesting that they were happy with his current state, “that’s kind of okay: he’s a selfish, charge-in-guns-blazing character who’s a ton of fun to play but also eventually gets himself killed.”

As of now, it is unclear just what kind of buff Octane will receive, but fans will likely have to wait until the season’s end on November 4 to find out for sure.

There have been a few other buffs revealed by Respawn for Season 7, as characters like Mirage are set to receive some “scary” changes in the next few weeks.