Bloodhound’s Apex Legends Season 4 ultimate buff is insanely powerful

. 2 years ago
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Apex Legends Season 4: Assimilation only saw a couple of changes to the current cast of Legends, one of them being a powerful buff to Bloodhound’s ‘Beast of the Hunt’ Ultimate Ability.

The fourth season of Apex Legends may focus on the newest legend, Revenant, but it’s also has proven big for one of the game’s original characters, Bloodhound.

An expert tracker that has been part of the original cast since the game’s release, fans have long been calling out for a buff to Bloodhound for a while, as the character had fallen out of the popular rotation of Legends.

An image of Bloodhound from Apex Legends.
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Bloodhound is back with a big buff in Season 4.

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That buff came in the Season 4 patch, which gave a considerable boost to Bloodhound’s ult, as each player the Legend downs while the Beast of the Hunt is active adds an additional five seconds to its duration.

Theoretically, if a player successively downs enemies right after activating the ability, they can extend its duration by a good amount, even past its original time.

Apex players are already experiencing the benefits of this new buff to Bloodhound’s ability to be a late-game closer.

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One user on the game’s subreddit showed off a beautiful clutch highlight showing how powerful the buff makes this Ultimate Ability.

Bloodhound’s ul is already a huge advantage for late-game fights, thanks to its speed boost and active tracking abilities. But when the extra time gets added for knockdowns, it allows to player to snowball in the clutch, and the character only gets deadlier by downing more and more opponents.

In the clip from reddit user ‘danthemandoris’, the player knocked down five opponents over the course of a minute, adding twenty-five additional seconds to their Hunt. Their ultimate lasted for an entire minute and was the difference-maker between defeat and victory.

Apex Legends characters looking to revive
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Bloodhound on the hunt.

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The buff to Bloodhound’s ultimate was really the only significant change to any of the Legends heroes in the latest patch.

There were a lot more changes to weapons balancing and the loot system, as well as new weapons, map changes, battle pass, and of course, the newest character, Revenant.

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