Apex Legends January 13 update patch notes: Rampage and Sentinel return, Bangalore skin fix, more

Respawn Entertainment

The Apex Legends January 13 update is Respawn’s biggest swing at patching out pertinent issues in the battle royale, including re-enabling both the Rampage and the Sentinel as well as fixing the Bangalore skin that’s been crashing the game. 

If you’ve played Apex recently you’ve likely noticed the absence of the Rampage and the Sentinel across all of the game’s playlists. That’s due to Respawn disabling both weapons after coming up empty-handed when looking for a fix for the popular infinite charge exploit that started doing the rounds back in December.

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On top of that, Respawn has also figured out the problem with that pesky new Bangalore skin that was causing instant crashing for anyone who brought into a lobby.

Apex Legends January 13 update Rampage and Sentinel fixes

Apex Legends RampageRespawn Entertainment
The Rampage LMG was released in Season 10 and debuted the Revved Up feature.

The days of missing the Rampage and Sentinel are over as both guns are back in the game following a playlist update on January 13.

At its peak, the problem got bad enough that devs were threatening to ban players who were taking advantage of the situation, but the devs have made certain that there’s no simple trick to beat their fix this time around.

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Fix for Bangalore’s Mil-Spec skin

Bangalore Mil-Spec skin Apex legendsRespawn Entertainment
Bangalore’s Mil-Spec skin was almost instantly disabled in Apex Legends.

This skin was also disabled for a while, as even just having the skin equipped while hovering over Bangalore in the Legend Select screen would cause a player’s game to crash.

After this patch players should be able to load in and buy the skin without any fear of game-ruining problems before it leaves the store on January 19.

Apex Legends January 13 update patch notes

  • A crash related to the MIL-SPEC skin
  • An issue with charging weapons
  • Re-enabling the MIL-SPEC skin, Rampage, and Sentinel in-game
  • You may notice the Rampage feels a bit different. We decreased the damage per bullet down from 28 -> 26 and increased the thermite consumption per shot in its charged state. Give it a try and let us know what ya think. As always, we appreciate your patience, legends.