Apex Legends hackers complain about hardware bans

Respawn Entertainment is doing a good job of cleaning up Apex Legends hackers but the hackers are actually getting upset after being banned.

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Apex Legends launched in early February and was met with a lot of excitement by fans of the battle royale genre.

It represented a nice change of pace from other BR titles on the market such as Fortnite and PUBG. Another key selling point was the fact it is free of charge.

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Despite this, Apex Legends has a rather sizable cheating problem on its hands and Respawn is still trying to get the situation under control.

In a post on Reddit from February, it was confirmed that over 16,000 cheaters have been banned from Apex Legends so far and that number likely grows larger each day.

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Now, it appears some of those that have been banned are actually surprised when they create new accounts they still aren’t able to play Apex Legends.

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This Reddit thread talks about players on a cheat related forum where banned cheaters were surprised to see they had been hardware banned.

Apex Legends cheaters are having a hard time getting back into the game.
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“Every new account they make on the same machine is banned in less than 30 minutes,” it reads. “There are ways around this, but the more amateur cheaters are not able to work around this. I am hopeful that the amount of cheaters will begin to plummet very soon.

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Another thread showed a screenshot of another probable cheater essentially saying they had exhausted all of their options to play again to no avail.

It appears that whatever Respawn has been doing has been having a strong effect on potential cheaters.

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Players are expressing happiness to this news as this would likely mean the number of cheaters will be going down over the coming months.

Now is a good time for Respawn to crack down on this as the Season 1 Battle Pass will be releasing some time later this month.

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