Apex Legends

Apex Legends player uncovers major issue with Triple Take, Longbow, and more

by Alan Bernal


An Apex Legends player found numerous inconsistencies with the bullet travel times on the G7 Scout, Triple Take, Longbow and Kraber that can have wild implications for a player’s shot.


Apex Legends exploded onto the scene garnering over 50 million players in under two months, but the game has run into some problems along its meteoric rise.

In a Reddit post, ‘TinyBabyBread’ revealed that not every shot from the popular rifles make it to their target at the same time.


Respawn Entertainment
Respawn Entertainment
Though the Triple Take had some of the better data points, a Respawn dev still didn't like seeing the variations of time for a shot to land.

The redditor was originally looking for the difference in bullet drop from rifle to rifle when he noticed that there were small irregularities despite firing from the same distance.

“I wanted to know how bullet drop varied between snipers so I did some testing in the training area,” TinyBabyBread said. “While I was analyzing the footage, I noticed that bullet travel time on the same weapon kept changing despite the constant target distance...”


Sniper Bullet-speed/Travel-time actually Varies between Shots from r/apexlegends

Though TinyBabyBread didn’t originally think his findings were that big of a deal, other commenters quickly changed his perspective, saying: “[Deviations in bullet travel time] seems really noticeable when we're talking about trying to lead targets. When a target is so small and moving, those milliseconds make a big difference. ”

It’s a good thing TinyBabyBread decided to publish his findings even though he didn’t think much of them, because one Respawn developer was quick to respond to the data.

“We (Respawn) saw this post and are taking it seriously,” RespawnSean said. “It's definitely not intended behavior for projectiles from the same weapon to take a variable amount of time to hit the same target.”



Shot inconsistencies like these along with the recent lag experienced throughout the game could have big implications on a player’s shot, making it a huge relief that Respawn is looking for ways to fix the problem.