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Apex Legends

Apex Legends hacker gets instant karma live on Twitch stream

Published: 4/May/2019 11:56 Updated: 4/May/2019 15:03

by Marcus Banks


Hackers have plagued Apex Legends in recent weeks, however, one cheater got exactly what they deserved live on Twitch, after ruining the match for his opponents.

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Respawn Entertainment introduced the game back in February 2019 and no-one expected the new battle royale to explode in popularity as it did.

As with every big game, players looked to gain an unfair advantage over their opponents and hackers were extremely prevalent for a number of weeks which turned the experience sour for many.

Respawn Entertainment / EA GamesRespawn have been quick to ban hackers from Apex Legends.
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The developer has actively sought to crack down on the number of cheaters, revealing that a staggering number of players have either have their account banned or suspended as a result of their actions. 


Unfortunately, cheaters are still finding ways to bypass the anti-cheat system that Respawn has put into place which Twitch streamer, Nice Wigg, found out the hard way.

After watching his two teammates be knocked almost instantly, the player with the name ‘Lasering Everyone’ eliminated the streamer taking their kill total to 17 which made Twitch chat suspect he was cheating.

“That kid was good dude,” Wigg said. “17 kills?! Do you think he’s cheating? Let’s watch.”

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Apex Legends cheater suffers a humiliating death

Wigg continued to watch the hacker to confirm his suspicions and got more than he bargained for after watching the player pick up another two eliminations.


The hacker hid in a corner to heal up before looting his downed foes only to realize that his character model had become stuck despite his best efforts to get out.

Wigg couldn’t contain his excitement screaming: “He can’t get out! He’s stuck! […] Karma is a bitch!”

While in this instance the cheater got what he deserved, hackers remain one of the biggest issues currently facing the team Respawn Entertainment.

Additional ways to remove cheaters are confirmed to be on the way so hopefully, the problem is eradicated sooner rather later.