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Apex Legends error has broken every reactive skin in the game

Published: 3/Jan/2022 10:50

by Alex Garton


A strange Apex Legends bug has broken all of the reactive gun cosmetics, with certain skins using the wrong effects and others showing none at all.

Over the course of 11 seasons, Respawn has added a huge amount of gun skins to Apex Legends, giving players a massive amount of choice when it comes to customization.

Some of the most popular of these cosmetics are known as reactive skins. These are Legendary tier collectibles that include an effect of some kind.

With most of these sought-after skins appearing at the end of a seasonal battle pass, it’s safe to say they can take a while to earn.


So, when players realized their favorite cosmetics were no longer working as intended – with some even using effects from completely different reactive skins – it quickly caused a lot of confusion.

Reactive Wingman Apex Legends

Apex Legends reactive skins using the wrong effects

Reactive skins in Apex Legends are currently broken, with nearly every single one showing the incorrect animation. As noted by players, they’re either using the wrong effect or none at all.

An example is the Bound in Bone skin, which is currently reacting with the effects of the Dragon’s Spine cosmetic.

While the majority of the community has no idea what’s going on, Reddit user Belloq56 thinks they’ve figured out why this is happening. According to them, the internal IDs of every skin have been shifted by 1, causing a lot of the cosmetic effects to be combined.


“So basically, the internal ID of every single skin in the game got moved over by 1, what this means in terms of gameplay is, for 99% of the skins, nothing changed. However, many have noticed their reactive skins behaving strangely.”

It’s hard to know how long it will be before the devs manage to fix this bizarre issue and restore the reactive skins back to their usual state.

However, for now, it at least gives players an opportunity to test out the effects of one skin on the body of another. Who knows, you may even prefer the new combination – but don’t count on it being it the game for too much longer.