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Apex Legends devs respond to Anvil Receiver bug with Flatline & R301

Published: 22/Feb/2020 21:48

by Alan Bernal


The Apex Legends developers have responded to a bug affecting the popular R-301 Carbine and the VK-47 Flatline rifles when equipped with the a powerful hop-up.

Respawn introduced the Anvil Receiver at the turn of Season 3, but the glitch is making the hop-up more of a detriment than an upgrade to the guns.

Both rifles have the ability to switch the rate of fire from single round to automatic, and the Anvil Receiver increases the damage from the weapons while reducing the rate of fire and using more ammo.

Respawn Entertainment
The Anvil Receiver can be equipped on the Flatline, but it’s causing a glitch in the game.

The glitch with the hop-up is keeping players from switching the rate of fire on the gun, making it locked onto single fire mode.

Twitter user ‘DistinctGamer’ communicated the problem with Respawn dev and Senior Systems Designer Eric ‘Ghost’ Hewitt who said the team was already aware of it and taking care of the issue.

To get a closer look at the bug, Reddit user ‘Aidan_Hendrix’ went into the Firing Range to test out the Anvil Receiver when they came across the bizarre glitch.

In the clip, you can see that the weapon can switch between the Automatic mode and single fire without the hop-up, but when equipping the upgrade that’s not the case.

Looking at the lower right part of the screen where the HUD shows the different firing modes, typically single fire is represented by a bullet while automatic shows an infinity sign.

Moreover, there are small boxes just above those signs that highlight which of the two modes is currently being in use.

Just found this Flatline glitch (while testing the damage difference with the Anvil Receiver) enabling you to get it stuck on single fire mode. Anyone else seen this? from apexlegends

But with the Anvil Receiver equipped, even after the player switches modes and the highlighted boxes change, their Flatline is stuck in single fire mode.

“Omg that actually happened to me ingame,” user ‘DarthTaruno’ responded to the clip since they came across the same glitch. “I thought I misclicked the change fire mode then tried again looking at the icon and even though it said auto it was still single fire.”

If more players happen to come across the bug, then it’s reassuring to know that the Apex devs are already on the case.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends Chaos Theory event: Caustic Town Takeover, Leaks, heirloom

Published: 24/Feb/2021 14:43

by Calum Patterson


Apex Legends Season 8 event, Chaos Theory, is expected to release in March, and will launch alongside the release of Apex on Nintendo Switch. Here’s everything we know about the event so far, including release date, leaks, rumors and even an heirloom to be expected.

When is Chaos Theory event in Apex Legends?

The event is expected to start on March 11, just a couple days after the Switch release for Apex Legends, on March 9. This will follow the conclusion of the Anniversary Collection event on March 3, after it was extended by a week.

Events typically last between two and three weeks, so expect a similar time frame for Chaos Theory.

Despite no official announcement yet, we know it will be called Chaos Theory after Target revealed it early on their Nintendo Switch Champion Edition listing.

Caustic Town Takeover

Respawn have been teasing the next Town Takeover, expected to be for Caustic, in-game. The first teaser dropped on February 23.

The Town Takeover will be at Water Treatment on Kings Canyon, but we will have to wait until Respawn do a full reveal to see what it looks like.

Caustic in Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
Caustic is next up for a Town Takeover in Apex Legends

Bangalore Heirloom

Bangalore is the only original launch Legend who hasn’t received an heirloom yet, and all signs point to her being next up.

Numerous leaks from data miners have found what Bangalore’s heirloom will be, so you can check it out here if you don’t mind the spoiler.

The Anniversary Collection event provides the opportunity to get 150 heirloom shards, so if you’re a Bangalore main, you might want to hold on to those shards for a bit.

Bangalore in war paint in apex Legends
Bangalore is the only original launch Legend without an heirloom – yet.

Chaos Theory event skins

We don’t yet have any images of the skins coming in the event, but data miners have narrowed down which Legends we can expect some new cosmetics for specifically.

Thanks to reliable leaker Biast12, the expected event skins are for the following characters:


  • Caustic
  • Crypto
  • Gibraltar
  • Loba
  • Rampart
  • Revenant
  • Wattson


  • Octane
  • Caustic
  • Wattson

There are also files for numerous recolors for past event skins, but we’re not sure yet if these will be available during the Chaos Theory event, or separately.

That’s everything we know so far about the Chaos Theory event, though there are still a lot of details unknown. We’ll keep you updated on everything right here, and on Twitter @TitanfallBlog.

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