Apex Legends dev responds to cross-play hopes from players

Respawn Entertainment

An Apex Legends developer has responded to fans still waiting for cross-play to be introduced to the game – and offered some words of advice.

When Fortnite first officially started supporting cross-platform-play in September 2018, with users across all different devices able to play with each other, it set a new precedent for players’ expectations going forward.

After years of requesting it, Fortnite officially broke the seal, and since then other popular titles such as Rocket League, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone have given players the chance to play with their friends, regardless of whether they play PS4, Xbox One or PC.

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Respawn Entertainment
The Season 5 update brought High Society Thief Loba to the game – but still no cross-play.

Obviously, having watched some of their closest battle royale competitors get cross-play, Apex Legends players are growing increasingly frustrated, sending daily messages to the Respawn Entertainment team begging for it to be added.

The team at Respawn said over a year ago that they felt cross-play was “important” to have, but that it would require a lot of work, as Apex Legends was never designed with cross-play in mind. Though we haven’t had many updates since, one developer has responded to a fan who reminded them of their cross-play comments over a year ago.

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After asking “if this is something that is still being worked on”, Respawn Design Director Jason McCord reached out to offer an update.

“I hear you guys,” he said. “But you’re asking the wrong person. I can’t talk about things that aren’t announced.”

Finally, he offered some words of advice, simply saying “don’t give up on it,” imploring players to keep pushing for cross-play.

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So, while it’s not exactly the good news players are hoping for, McCord’s response does suggest that it’s still a possibility, and fans need to stay vocal about what they want in Apex Legends.

Whether or not the game ever gets cross-play is still unknown, but it seems McCord and the team consider it a possibility, so keep pleading with Respawn and it might come sooner rather than later.