Apex Legends dataminer leaks new details about Season 2 changes


New details have been leaked about the possible changes coming in Season 2 of Apex Legends, following the launch of the Legendary Hunt event. 

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Respawn released the v1.2 update in Apex Legends on June 4 that kick-started the Legendary Hunt limited-time event, while also adding some new things in the back end of the game files.

Thanks to data-miner ‘RENgOLD’ on Reddit, the changes they made in the game files have now been found and leaked, and they include two new legendary attachments, a new type of equipment, and the possible release of Flyers. 

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New Legendary weapon attachments

After the June 4 update, the massive list of voice commands in Apex Legends saw several new lines added to it, including Legends pinging ‘Level 4’ shotgun bolts and sniper stocks.

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Level 4, or Legendary, is the highest rarity of weapon attachments, and in the current version of the game, there are no Legendary shotgun bolts or sniper stocks. 

You can hear both new lines of dialogue in the video below:

Another data-miner, named ‘omegatheory,’ seemed to confirm that the two new Legendary attachments would be added soon to the game, and even offered details on their improved function compared to their lower-rarity counterparts.

  • Bonus for Legendary shotgun bolt: “Maximum upgrade to fire rate. 15% movement speed increase.
  • Bonus for Legendary sniper stock: “Fast handling & large aim drift reduction. Deals up to 120% damage the further away the target is.


Possible release of Flyers

In Respawn’s Titanfall series, there exist creatures called Flyers, which are similar to dragons in that they are massively large and have wings that allow them to fly through the air at great heights and speeds.

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While they do not exist in the world of Apex Legends, the latest update has introduced new ping options for Legends to point out caged and uncaged Flyers on the map, suggesting that these creatures could make their debut in the next Season.

These new ping option can be clearly seen at the top right hand side of the video below, starting at the 22 second mark. 

This isn’t the first time that Flyers have been seen or mentioned in regards to Apex. Several weeks ago, a piece promotional artwork was leaked showing the Octane Legend riding what appears to be that creature alongside other Legends who were in mid-flight. 

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@ShrugtalCould we finally see these Flyers in Apex Legends during Season 2?

Furthermore, a group of these very same beasts can be seen flying in the sky in the official trailer for Season 1 – Wild Frontier, right at the 32 second mark of the video.

New equipment type

Last but not least, the data-miner found strong evidence that a fifth equipment type was coming soon to players’ inventories. Images taken after the update went live showed a fifth inventory slot next to teammates’ names on the player’s main HUD. 

Reddit u/RENgOLD

There are currently only four equipment types available in Apex Legends, reserved for helmets, body armor, knockdown shields, and backpacks. 

As for what that fifth slot could be for, that remains a mystery for now. The full Reddit post for the new content discovered by the data-miner can be seen below:

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While these leaks do seem credible, this information was not officially announced or confirmed by Respawn or EA, so there’s always the chance that none of it ends up actually being in the game.

To be sure, the only option is to just wait until Season 2 to see what changes the developers have in store for the players.