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Apex Legends data miner reveals tour video of entire UFO location

Published: 4/Sep/2020 16:22

by Connor Bennett


Apex Legends fans who are still waiting for the UFO to appear on Kings Canyon have got their best look at the upcoming location yet thanks to one creative fan who combined data mining and animation tools. 

Back in June, when Respawn were conducting a dev stream for Apex Legends’ Lost Treasure collection event, fans got a quick glimpse at a mysterious UFO-like point of interest floating off the Broken Coast South location. 

Some leakers have tried to get details on just what the location has in store for players, including its name and where it will end up on the map, but that well has dried up just a little.


However, some creative players have been able to get ‘inside’ the new location by using a bit of animation magic – as well as some data mining. 

Skeleton coast in Apex Legends
The new UFO is apparently set to replace the Skull at Kings Canyon.

The updated first look comes from Reddit user KralRindo, who apparently “data harvested” the POI from the Apex Legends files and managed to get it running – to scale – inside of Blender, an app used for game design. 

As the clip shows, the mysterious location – which is apparently to scale – is pretty huge and offers up different fighting possibilities with different levels – including an upper walkway which looks over the ground. 

Obviously, in KralRindo’s clip, the POI does not look fully complete as it’s pretty much all grey and doesn’t have any spots where you’d find loot. So, it’s probably an early version of the location that needs a bit more polishing before it’s sent to the live servers. 


UFO 2.0 but first person from ApexUncovered

Of course, before the location goes live, Respawn could make a few more tweaks – say a spot becomes too powerful during their playtests and ends up guaranteeing players wins if they decide to hide there.

We’ll just have to wait and see as to what the Apex devs have up their sleeve once the mysterious location shows up in matches.