Apex Legends Crypto skin concept perfectly fits his computer engineer backstory

Alex Garton
Crypto 'Family Forever' backstory
Respawn Entertainment

An Apex Legends player has designed an incredible skin concept for Crypto based on his backstory as a computer engineer. The outfit appears to be modeled off what he’s wearing in the ‘Stories of the Outlands – Family Forever’ teaser video.

Respawn Entertainment has put in a lot of effort with each of the character’s backstories in Apex Legends. Their animated ‘Tales of the Outlands’ series provides fans with short stories about their favorite Legends and inserts them into the game’s lore.

The majority of these short films follow each of the Legends before they entered the Apex Games. Therefore, they often show us a past version of the character that we would no longer recognize. In the case of Crypto, he was just a normal computer engineer before his foster sister, Mila Alexander, was kidnapped by Syndicate.

As you can imagine, back then, Crypto or Tae Joon Park wasn’t the extravagantly dressed hacker we see in our Apex matches today. His style leaned more towards your standard IT work outfit that you’d see any computer engineer wearing. However, as one Apex player has proven, that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t make a great skin.

Crypto in-game
Respawn Entertainment
Crypto was released into Apex Legends on October 1, 2019.

Crypto computer engineer skin concept

A thread posted to the Apex Legends subreddit showcasing FrozenFroh’s computer engineer skin concept for Crypto has garnered over 8500 upvotes.

By the looks of it, the design of the skin was inspired by Cypto’s ‘Tales of the Outlands – Family Forever’ short film. In the video, Crypto is wearing a white shirt, brown jacket, blue tie and, yellow-tinted glasses. The fan skin concept captures this outfit brilliantly and is modeled perfectly to fit into the game.

There’s no doubt this would be a fan-favorite skin for Crypto mains as it perfectly fits into his lore. Not every skin needs to be colorful and eye-catching; it’s the direct reference to Crypto’s backstory that would make this cosmetic so impressive.

Respawn should certainly consider implementing more lore-related skins into the game. For example, a human Revenant skin that references the Season 4 official cinematic would be absolutely incredible.

Fingers crossed Respawn opt to add some backstory-themed skins to the game, as it’s clearly a line of cosmetics fans are interested in seeing.