Apex Legends couple who met in-game thanks devs

apex legends coupleFurdean / Electronic Arts

Two Caustic mains met while playing Apex Legends and have since started dating; the couple thanked the development team via Reddit.

Video games have connected people to loved ones and strangers for the last several decades. The advent of online gaming made meeting new people even easier.

Thus, countless lifelong friendships and romantic relationships have developed out of chance meetings in random games and multiplayer lobbies.

As online gaming continues to increase in popularity around the world, it should come as no surprise that even more love stories are being cultivated in the likes of Apex Legends.

Apex Legends couple shares charming love story online

Apex Legends player Furdean recently took to Reddit to share a photo of himself and a fellow Caustic main.

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These aren’t just two Apex friends who happened to meet in real life, however. According to Furdean, though he’s Indian and his partner’s from Italy, she traveled a whopping 6,165 kilometers (or 3,800-plus miles) to visit him.

The Reddit user ended the wholesome post by thanking the development team at Respawn Entertainment for creating the game that introduced him to his special someone.

The post is unsurprisingly popular on the official Apex Legends subreddit, having garnered an impressive 13,600 upvotes as of writing.

Other users in the Reddit thread said they met their partners through Apex Legends, too. Meanwhile, AnyK1ndOfGuy told a fellow player their girlfriend introduced them to the battle royale title.

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The vast majority of the thread is surprisingly wholesome. But Sp4c3w0nd3r’s response to this story about the Apex Legends couple said it best – “This is a pure example of what games can do.”