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Apex Legends cosplayer has already created perfect Loba outfit

Published: 9/May/2020 14:49 Updated: 9/May/2020 17:05

by Calum Patterson


Loba isn’t even available to play in Apex Legends yet, set to arrive on May 12, but cosplayers have wasted no time in creating her already iconic look in real life, with the best so far including a full costume remake.

As well as creating unique gameplay opportunities, the various legends in Apex are perfect for cosplayers, designers and make-up artists to run wild with.

Some of the most popular include Wraith and Wattson, which cosplayers have spent time crafting almost identical looks for out of game. With Loba now joining the roster for Season 5, it was only a matter of time before cosplayers turned to her next.


Loba in Apex Legends trailer aiming
Respawn Entertainment
Loba will probably become a favorite of cosplayers.

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Loba Andrade is known as a “translocating thief”, taking after her father’s trade of high-level theft. Her father was actually murdered by another of the Apex cast, Revenant, who she has sworn revenge on.

Loba’s standard outfit is already so exotic it could have passed for a legendary skin, and cosplayer Mary Hackk has been quick to recreate it, complete with her knee-high boots and unique jacket.

With Loba, the make-up is also crucial, with her eyes featuring a red smear, reminiscent of the blood she wiped on her face while sitting with her father after his murder.


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The cosplayer is a make-up artist, so getting the make-up right was possibly the easiest part for her. But the boots and jacket likely required much more time to put together, to replicate the intricate designs.

Considering Loba isn’t even available yet, and we haven’t seen any of her legendary or epic skins, there will probably be lots more cosplays in the future with unique twists on her character.

For now though, the bar has been set, and Apex fans who double as cosplayers will be all over the new translocating thief, while players are hunting down Revenant in-game.