Apex Legends challenge bug completely stops you playing the game

Apex Legends challenge bugRespawn Entertainment

Completing Apex Legends daily challenges should unlock rewards and allow for progression, but some players have reported that it can spark a “game logic” error that totally stops them from playing. 

Respawn Entertainment’s popular battle royale title has had millions of players jump into it since its shock release back in February 2019, with a number of bugs – as you would expect – cropping up after major updates.

Following the Season 4 patch, though, players appear to have found a slightly more confusing bug than most. Instead of being rewarded for completing daily challenges, some accounts are actually being locked out of the battle royale altogether.

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Respawn Entertainment
Apex Legends players can rank up faster by completing daily challenges – when they’re working properly.

For those who don’t know already, daily challenges are ready to complete in Apex Legends every day, with players often having to pick up eliminations at different places across the World’s Edge map in order to check them off.

It has been reported, though, that completing the daily missions close to the time that Respawn switches up the challenges can actually prevent the game from working as it should – with some players being hit with an error screen.

As seen in a post to the Apex Legends subreddit, from ROYALAYOR, the bug is causing the progression screen to look blank, not containing the information you would expect.

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This user experienced the problem on Xbox One, although other posters have suggested that this is a more widespread problem for the game.

Players on PlayStation 4 and PC have also experienced the bugged challenges, with one user sharing a potential fix for those playing on one platform. It’s unclear as to whether this works on console just yet. Mobstarr said: “It’s happening when you finish a daily while dailys get reset. For me a client restart helped and I was able to play again on PC.”

The likelihood of Respawn Entertainment picking this up on the subreddit is high, meaning a future fix should be on the way, although at the time of writing there is no mention of the bug on their Apex Tracker Trello board for future updates.

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That could change, though, and many fans will be hoping it does. Challenges had previously not been tracking correctly, which features on the dev’s board, but there’s no mention of this specific error just yet. At the moment, some can’t even play the game.