Apex Legends bug lets you use weapons inside new Pathfinder Town Takeover boxing arena

Tanner Pierce

A brand-new Apex Legends bug is reportedly allowing players to use their weapons inside of the melee-only Pathfinder Takeover Town boxing arena, which was added to the game with the new Fight Night update on January 6, 2021, although the process on how to do it is unknown.

Apex Legends recently got a brand new update titled Fight Night, which added a bunch of new content to the game, including skins,  some new LTMs and a section of the map. One of the new pieces of content was the Pathfinder Town Takeover, which added a boxing arena-like area to the map.

One of the main selling points of the section was that it forced players to fight one on one with their fists, rather than with their weapons. Now, not even a day after the update has been released, a new bug has been discovered which allows players to completely override that feature and use their weapons inside of it.

A brand-new bug is allowing players to fire their weapons inside of the new Pathfinder Town boxing ring.

As one can see in a video provided by Twitter user ‘ikevander,’ he was able to get inside of the arena and still use his weapons, even though the other players could not. Obviously, this isn’t supposed to happen, and is a very surprising issue to run into.

According to the user, they don’t even know how to accomplish the exploit, as they claim that they were just “trying to do a fake punch” before a weapon just suddenly appeared in the character’s hand.

Because of these lack of instructions, it’s currently unknown how easy it is to accomplish and, if for some reason it’s random, how widespread it truly is.

If it’s well-known and easy to do, it might not be too soon to call the new boxing arena a loss until Respawn can get in there and fix the issue for themselves.

Regardless, if any updates about the bug come out, you can be sure to stay tuned to Dexerto and TitanfallBlog to find out more.