Apex Legends

Will "underpowered" Mozambique be adjusted in Apex Legends? Respawn gives their verdict

by Joe O'Brien


Respawn Entertainment have revealed that they currently have no plans to adjust the much-maligned Mozambique in Apex Legends.


The Mozambique is a shotgun pistol designed for fights at very close range, but with only three shots in the chamber and a spread that makes landing shots often feel quite awkward, it’s been highlighted by many players as the weakest gun in the game.

An underpowered weapon may be on the less problematic end of the balance issue spectrum, as an overpowered weapon is more likely to impact players’ enjoyment of the game, but there have nevertheless been calls for it to be improved for those instances where players are forced to use it for lack of an alternative.


The Mozambique has been named the weakest weapon in the game.

Right now, however, it seems Respawn aren’t too worried about the state of the Mozambique. When asked about the weapon, primary weapons designer Sean Slayback stated that the team’s current intention was simply to “enjoy the memes”, and advised players using it that aiming down the sights reduces the spread, making it easier to land a big hit.

Slayback also addressed the broader question of weapon balance, stating that Respawn has been paying attention to player feedback but currently feel happy with the balance in the live game right now.


Though Apex Legends has been out for less than three weeks, Respawn have already added the first new weapon to the game, and another has been leaked. It seems unlikely, therefore, that players will have to worry too much about the game becoming stale.

In addition to new weapons, Respawn are expected to add new Legends and new loot to the game with each season, the first of which will kick off in March.