All Apex Legends hitbox sizes and how Revenant compares

Revenant with Apex Legends hitbox bannerRespawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment’s set of Apex Legends characters all have different hitboxes, with some easier to hit than others, so let’s take a look at the size of each legend’s in Season 4. 

Revenant was welcomed into the roster of playable characters at the beginning of the season, following some really impressive trailers featuring the character’s backstory, leaving players wondering what his strengths and weaknesses are.

While an issue has already been discovered in-game regarding the legends’ ultimate ability, with the Death Totem having a larger hitbox than it should have and therefore being used as cover, let’s take a look at how the hitboxes of the fighters themselves actually stack up.

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Who has the biggest hitbox in Apex Legends?

Respawn Entertainment
Apex Legends hitboxes vary, depending on the size of each character and their perks.

For those who haven’t taken much interest in hitboxes in the past, the size of each character’s hitbox will essentially tell determine how many pixels there are to fire at. If one has a huge box and more surface area, they are obviously easier to hit with bullets and other equipment.

As for who has the biggest, let’s take a look at the sizes that we know of already.

Apex Legends character hitbox sizes

  • Bangalore – 44 square cm
  • Bloodhound – 37 square cm
  • Caustic – 68 square cm
  • Crypto – 44 square cm
  • Gibraltar – 79 square cm
  • Lifeline – 37 square cm
  • Octane – 38 square cm (approx)
  • Mirage – 44 square cm
  • Pathfinder – 63 square cm
  • Wattson – 37 square cm
  • Wraith – 33 square cm

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Passive perks in Apex

Respawn Entertainment
Some characters have Passive Perks to even out the size of their hitbox with other legends.

Those who main the likes of Gibraltar and Caustic might be looking at the statistics above thinking it’s unfair that their characters are easier to hit. However, Respawn introduced passive perks for some legends with smaller hitboxes – one of which is Low Profile.

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Low Profile applies to Lifeline, Pathfinder, Wattson, Wraith and Revenant, meaning that these legends actually take a 5% increase in incoming damage from enemies. There’s another perk that was introduced in an attempt to balance things out further, too, and that’s called Fortified.

Fortified decreases incoming damage by 15%, meaning that those with larger hitboxes – Caustic and Gibraltar – aren’t significantly worse options in the grand scheme of things.

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Revenant’s hitbox in Apex Legends

Revenant in Apex LegendsEA
How does Revenant’s hitbox stack up against its fellow legends in Apex?

Much of the hitbox information for Apex Legends has been the same for quite some time, although there’s one character that isn’t fully battle-tested just yet – and that’s Revenant.

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Apex players might have run into some trouble with Revenant’s Death Totem already, which is a bug that looks set to be fixed up fast, but what do we know about the character’s hitbox?

While we don’t have a confirmed size just yet, in square centimeters like other legends, what we can make are observations and comparisons. Given the fact that Revenant has Stalker Passive and Low Profile, it’s fair to say that he probably has one of the smaller hitboxes in the game – meaning he’s difficult to hit. The Low Profile trait, however, also means Revenant takes slightly more damage per hit.

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One Reddit user, iGnashtys, has already been experimenting with it, too, firing at the character in different areas of his body to see how difficult it is to hit. They actually describe the hitbox as “broken” in the caption of the video.

The demo shows that the character’s very slim legs and fast crouching makes Revenant particularly difficult to strike to the lower body, but enemies facing a Revenant would get more joy by aiming for his upper body and head – which is usually the target when looking to inflict high damage anyway.

Just like all of the other playable legends, there are pros and cons to selecting them. Some are easier to hit, others take more damage, but one thing is for certain – Revenant’s is one of the smallest hitboxes around.

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