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All abilities leaked for Reckoner: Unreleased Apex Legends character

Published: 2/Nov/2019 16:58 Updated: 2/Nov/2019 17:19

by Andy Williams


An Apex Legends data miner has revealed details about a new character in development for Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale – known as Reckoner – possibly coming at some point in the future.

Now that Season 3 is in full swing, players are looking forward to Respawn Entertainment’s next move in their bid to expand their diverse roster of characters. 

Reputable data miner and leaker, That1MiningGuy, has trawled through the game files and unveiled new details surrounding an unreleased character known as ‘Reckoner’.

Respawn EntertainmentThe Apex Legends roster has expanded significantly since launch.

Who is Reckoner?

Referred to as a ‘Self-Sacrificing Romantic’, there is very little known about Reckoner from the in-game files. With that in mind, it is likely that the leaked Legend is still in the early stages of development. 

However, with a character subtitle that gears towards sacrifice, it would be logical to assume that Reckoner will support those with more of a gung-ho style of play.

What are Reckoner’s abilities?

Reckoner’s abilities also seem to reflect a run-and-gun playstyle — since the passive appears to significantly weaken nearby opponents (almost priming them for a follow-up from teammates). 

Moreover, the leaked passive and tactical appear to go hand-in-fist, since the deployment of the energy beam will aid in the process of breaking enemy shields.

Reckoner’s abilities

  • Passive: Shield Blast — “Upon breaking shields will emit an explosion, damaging nearby enemies.”
  • Tactical: Shield Stealer — “Fire an energy beam that drains enemy shields and charges your own.”
  • Ultimate: Gravity Orb — “Throw a slow moving gravity orb that bends the trajectory of nearby attacks.”

When will Reckoner be added to Apex Legends?

Since very little is known about the character from the scripts in code, it is highly unlikely that the Self-Sacrificing Romantic is set to appear in World’s Edge during Meltdown. 

So far, Respawn have only added one legend per season, so it’s unlikely we see any new characters until Season 4. Although, the addition of Reckoner into Season 3 would inject some fast-paced action into the current defensive meta that comes with Crypto. 

Other characters, like Rosie (aka Loba) and Nomad, are much further along in development, and so it’s likely they would be added before a less-developer legend like Reckoner.

You can see a full list of leaked legends and their abilities here.

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Apex Legends Nov 18 update fixes Rampart exploit & more: patch notes

Published: 18/Nov/2020 18:56 Updated: 18/Nov/2020 21:12

by Alan Bernal


Respawn have launched a new update in Apex Legends that will patch out an exploit with Rampart’s turret as well as fixing some audio issues, reformatting Weekly Challenges, and more.

The Apex community has been very active with their feedback at the start of Season 7, and while there’s been a ton of content for players to sift through, problems with the Battle Pass or Rampart’s ultimate, Sheila, have been causes for concern among some.

The developers have been paying close attention, leading to the November 18 update which is going to take out the amusing but deadly Rampart exploit while giving people a helping hand at the revised Battle Pass progression system.

This means that Respawn are dousing fires inside and out of the Apex Arena this time around, with updates that should improve the player experience as well as the state of the game.

Apex Legends November 18 patch notes

  • Weekly Challenges have been adjusted back to Season 6 formating
  • 10 Battle Pass levels will be rewarded to all who log in
  • Rampart’s turret on Crypto’s drone
  • Audio adjustments
  • Misc fixes

Rampart Sheila exploit grounded

sheila turret rampart exploit crypto drone apex legends patch
Respawn Entertainment
Rampart’s turret will be grounded after the Nov 18 patch in Apex Legends.

Thanks to an exploit, players had been hooking up Rampart’s Emplaced Minigun ‘Sheila’ to Crypto’s Drone. Since the game identified the hovering bot as a valid base for the Ultimate, we’ve seen people use this to wreak havoc by flying the turret around the map.

While it wasn’t really practical to set up the flying turret in the middle of a fight, it still provided some of the wildest clips to come out of the Arena. However, that won’t be possible any longer now that Respawn have sent out a fix that will keep the minigun grounded to the Apex battlefield like it was meant to be.

It’ll be interesting to see if the patchwork holds since people have been trying to get creative with how they can use the ability.

Battle Pass difficulty reverted

cypto apex legends season 7
Respawn Entertainment
Respawn have toned down how long it’ll take to level up the Season 7 Battle Pass.

A few weeks after the Season 7: Ascension Battle Pass was launched, people were noticing just how long it took to simply move up a single tier. This quickly snowballed enough to get Respawn’s attention. While the controversial star system will remain intact for the season, the ability to level it up should mirror that of the Season 6 Battle Pass.

The Apex devs implemented the fix to Daily challenges last week, but today we saw Weekly challenges get the revised changes. As promised, Respawn are also giving all players who log in 10 free Battle Pass levels in light of the issues.