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Accidental Apex Legends trick results in insane Pathfinder & Crypto combo

Published: 19/Mar/2020 21:57

by Alan Bernal


An incidental use of two abilities in Apex Legends shows how Pathfinder and Crypto can link up to create a unique play with lots of potential.

With Pathfinder’s Grappling Hook, players can propel themselves toward whatever object is in their reach. But, as it turns out, if used in tandem with Crypto’s drone, then a team can essentially boost Pathfinder to contorted angles and far away vantage points.

The trick isn’t a secret, but Reddit user ‘KomBow_’ showed how effective a Drone-Grapple can be at getting a wildly different perspective in a fight at a moment’s notice.


Respawn Entertainment
The combo can let Pathfinder instantly swing into action.

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Pushing up on another Apex squad, KomBow chose to get there faster with Crypto’s hook, but they managed to accidentally snipe a teammate’s drone in the process.

“Crypto drone and Pathfinder grapple without doing it on purpose,” KomBow said of the play.

The player managed to get insane air after launching from the drone, landing on a nearby roof.

Crypto drone + pathfinder grapple without doing it on purpose from apexlegends

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From the high ground, they were able to isolate an opposing Octane and net themselves a kill shortly after.

The sequence of events seemed almost cinematic but as awesome as it was, it could be something more people replicate.


While also an ability, Crypto’s drone counts as a solid object in Apex when summoned. It can interact with doors and run into walls, which means it can most certainly be used with Pathfinder’s grapple.

KomBow_ via Reddit
The grapple might not have been on purpose, but it worked out in the end.

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Although tricky, there’s nothing to stop Pathfinders from latching on the flying mech to use it as a post in which to sling itself.

And even after getting onto the drone, keeping the swing going until you can make something out of it would take some pretty nifty flying from the Crypto piloting it.

As unlikely as it was in the clip, this could be something more players adopt as a way to make Pathfinder explode onto the scene.

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KomBow_ via Reddit
Pathfinder got launched into the air after the combo with Crypto’s drone.

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In fact, the swing can last for a significant distance if the Pathfinder and Crypto sync up the swing and drone’s flight path, respectively.

Whether its rotations, sending someone for a flank, or something similar, this trick could definitely come in handy if players practice it enough.

If the technique takes off among the Apex community, don’t be surprised if you encounter a flying Pathfinder in your games.