Simple Apex Legends looting feature would change how teams share items

Alan Bernal
Respawn Entertainment

Coordinating loot between teammates in Apex Legends could become near instantaneous with a simple addition to the UI while inspecting an item.

When closely looking at loot, the player already gets a brief description of the gear along with what weapon it’s compatible with. But, a small upgrade would let people know if the item could also be helpful for their teammates.

Squads dropping into the Apex Games know how chaotic it is to equip themselves with the best weapons and attachments to take into firefights that break out at a moment’s notice.

Respawn Entertainment
The concept would let players know if their teammates need certain loot they find.

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After hectic battles die down, it’s not uncommon for people to end up with extra attachments or gear that doesn’t compliment the rest of their equipment – prompting them to instantly discard the seemingly useless items.

To prevent that from happening, Reddit user ‘100721’ put together an idea that would notify someone if an item is “needed by teammate” as a safeguard to ensure everyone on a squad is properly looted.

“I think there are some much less bothersome ways to add it,” the user said of their idea, noting it could have cleaner implementations. “But it would be nicer to have something like this than a teammate pinging every item he finds.”

100721 via Reddit
A new prompt while inspecting an item could tell you who needs it the most.

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The Respawn devs gave Apex players three forms of communication in its extensive ping system, voice comms, and general text chat – neither of which are a perfect solution to stop confusion in regards to sharing loot.

Other community members seemed to appreciate the idea as well, with some saying: “It’s these little adjustments that help in the long run, hope the devs implement them.”

The concept could even extend to health and shield consumables that would clue the team in on who is running low on meds.

Respawn Entertainment
The idea could make looting among an Apex Legends team much quicker.

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Though the idea would put even more clutter on the screen than there already is, it would let players better manage the loot distribution that could make the difference between a quick death and an easy win.

It’s small implementations like these that some players want to see in Apex Legends, but whether or not Respawn will respond by adding it remains to be seen.