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Absurd Apex Legends glitch gives Wraith the wrong Ultimate ability

Published: 12/Dec/2019 0:01

by Brad Norton


In one of the most confusing Apex Legends glitches to date, Wraith appears to have acquired the Ultimate ability of a fellow Legend, and left her opponents absolutely bewildered. 

Season Three of Respawn Entertainment’s popular battle royale title has seen no shortage of hilarious and over the top bugs. From a mesmerizing, rainbow-fuelled drop, to a frustrating Black Friday oversight with the Legendary Octane skin, players never know quite what to expect when dropping into World’s Edge lately. 

Additionally, Legends have been prone to extraordinary glitches that merge their identities in confusing ways. A recent incident saw Caustic’s Gas Trap ability combine with Wattson’s Interception Pylon for an overly devastating effect. Taking things one step further though, we now have Apex characters combining Ultimate’s and leaving the opposition flustered. 


Respawn Entertainment - Apex LegendsWraith seemingly adopted the Ultimate of another Legend altogether.

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Showcased throughout a December 11 post, Reddit user ‘BrokenBenji’ highlighted the obscene glitch through the perspective of his teammate ‘Ls FaTty.’ Connecting near-lethal damage to the opponent up high, Pathfinder placed a Zipline and dashed straight towards the rooftop in order to seal the deal.

To the complete shock of the squad however, what greeted them on the roof was six copies of Wraith stood in an outward-facing circle, no different to Mirage during the effects of his Vanishing Act Ultimate ability.

Having somehow stolen the ability of another character altogether, the Wraith vanished in thin air and left the team hunting for clues for a good while as the number of total remaining players continued to dwindle.


Wraith Can Now Use Mirage’s Ult To Escape Firefights… from apexlegends

There’s no telling quite how the odd glitch came into effect but it certainly caught the team by surprise and led to a bizarre goose chase wondering where the Wraith-turned-Mirage enemy might have repositioned. 

Eventually, the jig was up. Invisibility had worn off and being out in the open through a 1v3 scenario, it’s safe to say that the rest of the fight was purely academic.

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With characters merging into one another and glitching out with inaccurate Ultimate abilities, players are going to need to keep their wits about them even moreso than usual until Respawn Entertainment implements a sweeping set of bug fixes. 


Respawn Entertainment - Apex LegendsThere’s no telling which Legends might merge next.

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While there’s no surefire way to plan around such an extreme glitch, it’s worthwhile to be extra cautious when hunting down targets in Apex Legends. 

Regardless of your scouting skills and the communication of your squad, nothing can prepare you for a Legend utilizing a completely different Ultimate ability in the heat of the moment.