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Apex Legends

Ability skins could be the next customization option in Apex Legends

Published: 23/Feb/2020 11:36

by Daniel Cleary


Apex Legends fans have called for a new customization option to be added to the battle royale game, which would give players skins on their Legend’s abilities.

At the core of free-to-play games is customization, or ‘skins’, to allow fans to personalize their character, and in turn, generate revenue for the developer.

Apex Legends is no different and has released countless skins since the game was first launched. However, fans are now calling for even more choice, and a brilliant idea could be exactly what they want.

Apex Legends fans have come up with even more customization ideas following the release of the Octane edition.

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Following the release of the latest Legendary Arachnid Rush Octane skin pack, many called for Respawn to add some customization for some of the Legends’ tactical and Ultimate abilities too. The pack features a character skin, weapon skin and charm, and a banner badge.


An idea which was first shared by Reddit user u/mrxlongshot suggested that certain abilities in Apex Legends, such as Octane’s jump pad could be visually altered to match the skin that a player has equipped.

Another fan on the Apex Legends subreddit u/xenotheboi designed what the new skin abilities could look like in-game, remaking the stim and jump pad to match the newly released Octane skin.

I only redesigned "mrxlongshot" idea. I hope they will add skin abilities on legendary skins from apexlegends

Fans have suggested many more skin abilities since with ideas to give fan favorite legends such as Wraith different color portals. One of the most common requests is to give Lifeline’s DOC Healing Drone a matching skin for her outfits.


However, some have criticized that it might be quite difficult for Respawn to pull off, as newly customizable options may cause issues with visibility and lead to unfair advantages.

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Another user shared this sentiment replying with concerns over some of the standout abilities that are currently in the game, “If you add skins to some legends tacticals and ultimates it could act as camouflage or distraction.”

Skins have been seen to cause unfortunate visual bugs in other titles, as was seen with Modern Warfare’s esports team skins which made characters invisible.